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Friday, January 25, 2008

Waking Up On The RIGHT Side Of The Bed

Ohhhh am I ever glad to see another one of The Almighty's glorious days. Every morning prior to opening my eyes (there's $$ taped to my ceiling, we'll get to that in a sec) I say a prayer UPWARD. I have no clue who told people to bow their heads in prayer if GOD is UP. So I've adopted the UP attitude every prayer I pray. If someone says I'm wrong, feel free to attempt to correct me and/or provide evidence as to your reply. Till, then UP it is. After saying my prayers, I open my eyes and see the green bill I've plastered there. I know you're asking 'WHAT?'. Well I watched that DVD 'The Secret' and one of the men who had achieved wealth said this is what he did to inspire wealthy thoughts that lead him to where he is... uhmmm as of that video. Dude could be homeless now, I don't know. He said it was a reminder to him of the thing he wanted most and that was to never be broke ever again. He added that you should think and live wealthy thoughts that could lead to financial independence. For me, the bill(s) changes but not less than $50 - so far. Don't even think of trying to break into my crib. Prentis will claw you to death because that's his food & litter $$ for awhile. Believe you me, that bill gets snatched down real quick but I try not to leave the space empty for long. I'll put $1 if it gets that bad, I just have to have some hope, ya know.

Since my bed is centered, I don't wake up near a wall thank goodness. I always said that's how a bed should be, centered IN the room. And I also said that if I should become happily wealthy, I realized recently what my fanatical thing to do would be. Some people have netting over their beds, some people have art and others have mirrors. If you don't know why on the latter - DO NOT ASK ME. Never had the urge to do that - as yet. Well my thing would be REAL $100 bills JUST over the bed only. I'm not into clunky jewelry, can only drive one car at a time and my house needs to be spacious enough for me to breathe not drown. I know somebody is going to steal my idea. DO NOT let me see it on MTV Cribs or whatever. I'm going to come burn it and the bed too. (laughs) As I continue on my trek to becoming "independently wealthy", I still keep my $$ taped nicely to the ceiling for quick retrieval of course. It may not work like it did for the person who suggested it, but as the old sayings go:

'Nothing beats a failure but a try' and 'have some faith rather than have none at all'.

(watches everybody leave to tape some $$ on their ceiling too.)

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