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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bad Mood Cometh

Awwww yeah, gurlygurl is in a tizzy, a pissyfit as well as a pure FUNK and I don't mean the George Clinton kind either. The day started beautiful as I said my Hello's to the Almighty like always. I was still in bed at that point you see. When I finally placed my feet in my purple clogs (thanks Sis), I realized I had not slept well and it was all because of some lil creatures I can't see. No, not fleas nor bedbugs but who gives a rats tail when they didn't bring food, $$ for their stay nor music OK? So of course I'm not sure what's biting me but it's not pretty at all. See, I do not like The Spirit Above's lil pesky creatures at all. I will hurt anyone and myself trying to get away from them - FAST. Plus being allergic to bee stings doesn't help either, ya know. Sooo.... I get in the "let's get the day started" mode when I realized something else... I was graciously (inserts lots of sarcasm here) given 2 warning tickets last week and one of them has a 10 day deadline. Guess what? That deadline is either today or tomorrow. Arrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhh...

So I put my Xzibit hoodie on and my Xzibit scarf because it just fits the mood and begin what I can begin. I get Katt's CD for inspiration of some kind and I'm off and running, ok... almost. Ms Jackie-of-all-Trades goes to get her trusty tool boxes (yes you read right BOXES) that most men envy and tries to replace the 2 light bulbs that are gonna cost me a revoking of the DL. EEEEEK!! I tear down the section I need to to get the lower brake light and finally after a hour it's all done. Then I look up at the third light and say "this looks real easy" while reading the manual as well. So off I go to hunt down some Allen (sp?) wrenches - you know those box or 5 sided wrenches - YOU KNOW!! I must have over 50 of every size imaginable and wouldn't you know - not that one. Grrrrrrrr..... I have a keychain of all small sizes that I can not find ANY WHERE. Grrrrr....... Ok, so I decide to get on down to the local car parts and flash my lashes to see if I can "borrow" said tool. So somewhere in between me jamming to Money Mike and putting up all the tools... the car battery decides to take a nap. WTF??????????????????

And so, this is my very first anger unmanaged post and hopefully my last. I'll just sit this off and PRAY that the battery is just taking a lil nap vs. being ready for the battery cemetery. I know the day is going to get better because I'm going to eat. It just makes me feel better even if I am stuffing it in my mouth without breathing...

And how is your day going? :D

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