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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

shEgo & hEgo

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening to you Angel,

Took me a minute to get this one together so I drafted it until I could really put my thoughts in place. And if you know me, you know how long it take for my thoughts to be put anywhere. AHAHAHAAHAAA!! See, that's why men don't deal with me, they say I think too much. Of course my gurly reply is "if the Underground Railroad wasn't formed by THINKERS it might still be dream, ya think??". Now, if you think I think a lot, my inspiration comes from Chuck D of Public Enemy fame. His blog is hella long OK?

Alrighty then, let's get this message started. shEgo & hEgo... what does that mean? Well, what fueled that the day I created it has more fire behind it today. There's a guy on MySpace who's created an show about Interracial Love and the Single Dad. He's gone ahead to create several Bulletins that ask everyone to fight VH1 for the mere existence of such shows as I mentioned in my opening Blog message on the 14th. He, like many others, are beyond tired of how women are being depicted on reality TV. I'm hoping this is in reference to ALL channels and not just VH1 but the message is no doubt grand. As for me, it does not come without me being the pesky lil nitpicker that I am. Why start with VH1 which is just the "highway" that these "vehicles" drive upon?? These network owners do not care if WE as women or men want to disgrace ourselves in the name of.... It is up to the "vehicle" owner to make sure their "car" is in check. shEgo & hEgo.

"Reality" TV is just what the conceptual driver wants it to be and more r rless depending on how well it it is viewer received. IF the ratings are low, someone is going to do some fast thinking on how to make that show work and who knows what will commence since everything is based on $$ first in today's unreality TV. So, how much of you should you sell OUT to be what??? Where does the future take you after such horrific claimed fame, love and/or $$? What will you look back on and be remembered for and it is how you want to be remembered each and every time you appear in public for the rest of your natural born life? This goes for life's daily routine that is not in front of a camera as well. Again, shEgo & hEgo - in the end ask yourself the following questions:

1) where and what is my car?? (what drives YOU)

2) when my car is parked is it in check?

3) what highway will I drive to get where I need to go in life??

4) and most importantly, does my car represent me??

Bombard the networks with emails for the fight of women to be shown in a brighter light is just one way of getting things started but it's not the only way. Bombard them with trillions of ideas not based on sHego & hEgo is the ultimate solution. If you're going to debunk what they have, back you car up in their driveway as a failsafe so they can see you really mean business. They already have 1000's of cars right now, what makes your car that much more special than the next? Better yet, do you have a car? Hmmmm...


  1. i don't have a car (sobs); but actually what drives me is a think-tank (LOL). anyways, thank you for telling me what my problem with men is: it is not that i think too much, i think it's that they don't think enough (laughs). either way, that explains why we don't see a lot...
    and actually: my public representation is just how i want it to be - in the www, no pictures, just the inerts spread all over the place with the utmost grace (grins while imagining the pictures in the next csi ep: graceful spread inerts: "oh my gosh, she was killed by a think-tank!" hahahaha)
    sorry, i got carried away a bit by that underground railroad...

  2. I laughed several times at this "kayoz" because we've known each other for a good while and are talking to each other more now than then. Not having a car is not as bad when you have to take care of it I will say. But when you don't have one once you've had one, you sure miss it a whole lot.

    Keep grinning and laughing, it's medicine to that "think tank" of yours. :)

    See ya when I see ya!!


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