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Friday, March 27, 2009

Liana Mendoza - Personable Actress

I'm not a promoter of women too toughly as you all may can tell from prior posts here. Chalk it up to very rough beginnings in my childhood that I hope can change over time. More time...

Anyhow, I went over to Liana Mendoza's Blog because I wanted to read how a female "celebrity" posts to their supporters. I also took the liberty of commenting on one of the posts... "UHHHHH OHHH" right? No, it was not that bad actually. She commented back in sincere appreciation - via EMAIL. WHAT?? Unheard of. At any rate, not only did she personally write back but she's also taken some of my helpful advice. Ok, I know you're like "Come on Di" but no, she really is a warm person. Now this may be in part due to the fact that she's not an Oscar winning actress who will never see the light of day after said Oscar win but... she's direct right NOW and that's all that matters... NOW.

I suppose when she does get some acclaimed nominations, she'll try to run us, ok ME... over with her car while I'm on the sidewalk minding my own business... but until then... I'm linking her sites for the gentlemen that read. Wait, did I just type "gentlemen" as if no women are going to like her?!?!? Noooooooo... (whispers, wait til you see her guys. My one friend drools at the mere mention of her name) And for you ladies out there, check her out as well. No harm meant and hopefully none done.

Liana Mendoza's Official site - http://www.lianamendoza.net/. You'll have to forgive her for having a Blogger logo linking to her Wordpress Blog. We won't tell either company, now will we?? ;)

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