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Sunday, May 2, 2010

'Mr Scott McKnight' Brings It 'Just Wright' To The DMV

Actually he brought posters and a very warm persona along with his support team. No security, no huff nor puff nor fluff. Just a 'Calm Common Collected' (an actual CD title) guy dressed in jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt that read 'Great Scott'. Arriving a lil off the scheduled time of 3pm, 'Mr Scott McKnight' came right in and sat right down for the 2+ hours Meet n Greet session. He was cordial and polite to each and every person as they stepped up for their time with him. Pleasantly smiling and being very grateful for the support, he managed to get thru the session despite the warmth in the mall and Lane Bryant in Pentagon City, Virginia.

I was grateful that I was able to show him (via my cell phone) the one CD I had on me which he really liked. Prior to his arrival, I had tweeted to 'him' that it was warm in the mall prior to his arrival. While I was still talking to him about this, he pointed to Sean, his assistant?? and told him I was the one who sent the tweet about it being warm. See, Twitter can be very effective. I could not get the nerve to ask for a pic with him as I was just glad he took the time to come to the DMV. It's not been my normal self to ask more of a person once they're already giving you something you know. I took as many pics as I could from inside and outside the store. I also managed to speak to other supporters which made this a really neat experience.

I started feeling a lil ill so I trekked on over to my favorite pretzel spot (Auntie Annie's), chowed it down and was going to leave afterwords. A tweet came in that made me return and show 'Scott' what was said. Staying around a lil longer proved beneficial as I received a film T-Shirt, a HUGE poster and was named 'biggest Twitter fan' by Sean. Man, that was icing on the cake so much that I am still stoked.

Now, can you believe after reading all of this that I JUST picked up Common's CDs last week?? Can you believe I had not heard one song by him prior to them? Can you believe I had not done any more than seen him in the films he's been in? Can you believe I so slept on him? Neither can I but my Moms always said "it's never too late to learn". Common loves supporters who come on board today as much as those who've been there since the umbilical cord was cut. Not literally YOU. It means since his first release to allow us to even know who he or 'Mr Scott McKnight' is.

Thank you Common for giving up pieces of your life to do what you do and love most besides being a father/son/family man/man of GOD. And definitely thank you for allowing that which you love to have brought 'Mr Scott McKnight' to the DMV.

Here's a link to more of my photos. Do ENJOY!!


PS - as I said on Twitter - $2 parking. $3 Aunt Annie's Pretzel. $5 returnable footies from Macy's. Meet n Greet with Common AKA 'Mr Scott McKnight' = PRICELESS!!


  1. Wow Lady Di, that is so cool that you met Common. He seems like a cool guy and a pretty good actor. I saw him in the film Smokin' Aces. And that's a nice T-shirt!

    I hope you are having a nice spring!

  2. Hey there MESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Long time no see. I'm in the process of checking my Times Square pics so there'll be a new Blog on that Xperience. It was MAD fun and MAD tiresome too.

    Thank you for checking out this post. I will be wearing my shirt to whatever show time I attend. Gotta piss some folks off, ya know. AHAHAHAHAAA!!! Soon!


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