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Thursday, July 31, 2008

An Extreme (Makeover) Foreclosure & The Racist Remarks

As I'm reading some remarks about the foreclosure of The Harper Family's Atlanta home, it makes me angry. Some of you have been reading my discord via the IMDb relating to the people I support and I've not been very nice to say the least. I need to slow my nerves as I think how much of a historical event has been brewing since Mr. Barack Obama landed on the Presidential scene. The Blog linked above is one of many existing that has me in outrage in this day and age that I am. I love what Katt had to say about racism and the racist that exist right now. But to further put this in my own terms as you have and/or may see, white racist... we did not ask to be Black. We had NO choice in the matter people. GOD made us from the same sands s/he made you. So what s/he went under the tree and gathered the makings of you and then proceeded to the shorelines of say Jordan to make us. AND????????????????


So to sum this up, forgive me if you see my rants but I stand FIRM on being the proudest person of color RIGHT NOW and I WILL fight verbally for the right to have life just as every other shade of the color spectrum has done for ions. Get over yourselves white people who are racist. Your 10th generation Great Grandmother may have some of this beautiful brown color in her bloodline too. I know and accept where the white lies in my lineage and it's very close not of my choosing but by GOD hand. And... if there should be not a speck of color that you know of, know this no matter... GET OVER YOURSELF AS WE'RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!!!!

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