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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Good People Gone Home (S/V of the... #24)

It's a sad week ahead as it has been for over 30 years now. I met my birth sister for the first time in her casket when I was 11 or so. She was born and died on her birthday, March 4. The hurt has never subsided and it never will. On top of that today, March 2, is my birth mother's birthday who is with my sister, I hope. She left me somewhere in the early 90's and I miss her sooooooo much. I can only pray she is watching over me and hears every word I send upwards every day of my life. So, with these two special women gone home, I had yet another person to add to this week of sadness. My great, great Aunt (yep, she was my Grandmother's Aunt) leaving us after 110 years of earthly life on/or about March 4 a few years ago. I really don't do exact dates at all as you can tell. I just do not like having that exact moment I found out replayed over and over again. Nor do I like remembering the exact day everything went down... well, up... I guess. For some reason I thought about 2 more people, not related to me, who were good people too and have gone on home as well.

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