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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Song/Video of the... #25

Rahsaan Patterson has to be one of the most, wow... I can't even find a word or words to describe how much I love his work. Due's range is off the Richter. I just found out that I'm missing some music because I only see ONE of his CD's in my collection. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr... You can best believe when I get some extra pocket change, they WILL be replaced. And without further ado, here ya go.


  1. Hi Lady Di,

    I haven't really gotten into Rahsaan Patterson yet, but since you recommend him I'll check him out. :)


    I thought you were vacationing from the Blogsphere. Good to see you check in. A really, really eclectic person, aren't I?? :P

    If you like jazz, soul and r&b fused then you may do ok with him. I like Eric Benet, R. Sadiq (sp??), Gary Dourdan (he's next), Keith Washington, Face no longer Baby (hahahaa), Tony Rich Project, and on... My music collection is 96% male artist/performers. Let me know if you liked any of the vids I've linked.

    Gary is going to hard to link since he's independent so we shall see.

  3. Lady Di,

    Gary Dourdan the actor has an album coming out? I had not heard anything about that.

  4. Old neews Mes. They were released a minute ago - oooooold stuff that finally got released, damn I can;t even remember. Uhmmm 2006?? I'll get back to you in the actually date. Anyhow, here some info as you know I (quasi) ADMIN his forum. Had to vacate the premises for...

    Official Site

    Once there, 'Temple of Thoughts Radio' is where you can hear quite a few tunes. Next, look in the far left corner menu for 'Kolade' and click it and get ya groove on.


    And be sure to hit me back with a response to Rah's and his music. OK?

  5. Sorry for the typos, have shampoo in my eyes. And on the Official site, the music SHOULD start playing once here. The ToT Radio in on the bottom of the index page.

  6. Rahsaan Patterson is the man. However nothing ever has or ever will touch his first album. Tears Away, Soul Free, Where You Are etc, that album is a classic in my house. The last Eric Benet, Hurricane, is a classic to me. I absolutely love that album.

  7. I so agree Pound. That's the one CD I found in my collection left from the others. I know he looks way different now and I did do almost his entire MySpace Blog posts. He's a force... I mean it. He's dealing with a lot of subjects on his work. But... I loved these 2 guys who he has over there who redid our fav tune. They sound GOOOD, for real. Let me know if you want to me to link the YouTube vids or not.

  8. You did not specify which cd you were talking about, Eric Benet or Rahsaan Patterson. However you know you and I and music is a deep conversation. The last Eric Benet just came out at a bad time. It came out around the time of Hurricane Katrina and the album was named Hurricane. Then people are still tripping about him and that crazy Halle Berry. She is no angel. When you have as many issues with men as she has, you sometimes need to look in the mirror first. I am not saying he was right, but trust me she played a part in what went wrong too.

  9. Yeah I kinda did Pound. The first album is the one because we both vibed on 'Where You Are'. And... if somehow I missed, well me sorry. The self entitled album is all I have from his/my collection as of now.

    As for Benet's work I have in my hands right now, ok I laid them down to type this - 'Hurricane' as well as 'True...' and 'A Day...' - too tired to type the names all out. Poor lazy me. Anyhow I have to look because I thought I had something else but can't recall at the moment.


  10. I see my EB collection is complete aside from those singles I don't need. And about celebs and their intricate lives Pound, I tend to not get too caught up either. I mean, they are glorified me when all said and done. My headache reliever of choice is a whoooole lot cheaper if you get my meaning. ;)

  11. Oh my to your last comment. Yes Rahsaan has 4 albums out, Rahsaan Patterson, Love in Stereo, After Hours, & Wine and Spirits. Eric Benet has 3 albums; True to Myself, A Day in The Life, & Hurricane. A Day in the Life was my favorite until Hurricane came out and just really did it for me. I actually think Hurricane spoke to me a lot more is what it was. Be Myself Again and Hurricane, those two songs really touch me deeply based on where I am in my life today.

  12. Ok, I see Pound. I can't recall off hand which 'Hurricane' tunes I liked but having all 3 CD's says I do enjoy his work if nothing else. I have not listened to that list CD in a long, long time. Maybe I will soon... who knows.

    Off to finish what the outage earlier would not let me do.

    C U!!

  13. Yes... his voice is so pure. I love him... highly underrated. Its a shame you have to search for good R&B/soul music nowadays and that only the bubblegum stuff gets the mainstream exposure

  14. Eb the celeb, you could not have said it better - pure and underrated are the exact words to describe him. If I did not say this, I went thru all his stuff on his MySpace Blog and do plan to get back to his website to play more.

    Too many people feel the same as you've said about today's music period. Sad isn't it? Thank you for posting a note today. Hopefully you'll check out AfroFlow and leave me your thoughts on them too.


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