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Friday, March 21, 2008

"You'd Better Recognize"

I was on BlacqueSmith's Blog and saw a number of remarkably grand and much needed reads. Well, for me at this present time but... it sill does not stop me from passing it along:

You Better Recognize: A Spiritual Guide - Because Life’s a “Trip” by Valerie Rose

In this book, the author encourages the reader to wake up and smell the coffee, to give yourself roses and to live life to the fullest. She states to do this, we must RECOGNIZE….

RECOGNIZE…. the light within you

RECOGNIZE…. that you are a powerful force in the Universe

RECOGNIZE….that opening your mind can open doors

RECOGNIZE…. the blessing of forgiveness

RECOGNIZE….. that life is change

RECOGNIZE…there is nothing wrong with being good to yourself

RECOGNIZE….the benefits of silence

RECOGNIZE…..the healing power of laughter

RECOGNIZE….that if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.

RECOGNIZE….the power in prayer

RECOGNIZE….opportunity when it presents itself

RECOGNIZE…. that pain means growth

RECOGNIZE….that tomorrow is not promised to anyone

RECOGNIZE….that action is the first step to your eventual success

RECOGNIZE…. that not everyone is going to like you

RECOGNIZE….that happiness is a state of mind

RECOGNIZE…. that you are the key to your dreams

RECOGNIZE… that we are all connected

RECOGNIZE…. and respect Universal Law (e.g., sowing and reaping, Karma)

RECOGNIZE….you are love

Life is a literal and metaphorical trip. Make it good one. In the movie Braveheart, WIlliam Wallace says “Every man dies, but not every man really lives.” RECOGNIZE the power in you and live your life to fullest.

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