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Sunday, March 23, 2008

That's No Real 'Blacks' Diss

Not sure what part ya'll seemed to have missed
Can't see why ya'll gettin' unverved and pissed
Dude got people fussin', upset and real mad
Ya'll don't see the BS hype which is so sad
Those comics are a hellava force
Look at who he used as his source
He's not nor has been really relevant
Not even worthy of their same element
It's all planned and scripted out
Yes, he's simple without a doubt
This video is the biggest and sorriest publicity stunt
But he just put millions on the net version of Punk'd
Why are we even passing it on to so many others
When we should try to recognize and love one another
He's telling the real truth if you've been truly listening
Blacks BEEN the shyt, what part are THEY missing?
Too bad we can't see it just as clear as he does fo' really tho
What, we had to wait for a white man to call us out on video
As you see, I didn't need to scream out any names
We all know who's crying bout the mastered game
They say don't hate the playa nor the game, hate you don't know A simple rule
I'll take any of those comedians to make him see who's now the real public fool
Even if you were born again in a Black lifestyle and attended any of our HBCU's
Sorry, there's no surgery for natural Black and it ain't happening no time soon.

(smh and rolls out...)

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