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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Almost hit a kid today

I was looking at the kid and a SUV when the kid went in my blind spot. Next thing I kow he is inches from my headlights. He's fine as he backed up and I slammed on brakes - simultaneously. I am not sure if the people in the car where his parents or not but only the man stopped. The female just looked up and kept getting in the car. The man turned around, said something and then he got in the car. Kid in the meantime (while I'm parking) goes in the office where I'm headed. So I get out of car and apologize to the people who don't seem to speak English. I guess "I'm sorry" translates the same in whatever their language was because he wa smiling. The female looked mad but she was this way prior to me even nearng the kid incident.

So I am walking to my destination and kids is re-entering where I am to go as well. He is coming out almost as quick and I try apologizing and he smiles and runs off. I take care of my business and head towards my car. Guess what? Kid is in the car with the people I made my apology with. I'm still shook because it bothered me but never seemed to bother them. Kid is ok, so maybe I should be ok with it too.

Someone please tell me the word for those who have a fear of leaving the house. I need to see if I if the definition of how I'm starting to feel.


  1. it depends on why you would be afraid of leaving the house. if you are scared of big spaces, that would be 'agoraphobic'... if it was because of the people it would be 'sociophobic'... but i am sure there are other phobias as well that would keep you from leaving the house...

  2. Yeah, that would be "agoraphobia", but I suspect what you may well be suffering from at the moment Di is LIFE. I don't know details as that is your business, but I have lived long enough to recognise signs.
    So much going on for you at the moment ? personal and professional ? Been doing a lot of profound thinking ?
    Any of the above is enough to put you where you appear to be at the moment.
    Tell me to mind my own business if you like, that's fine, and I will ....but if there is anything I may be able to help you with, you just let me know.
    You do so much for others, it's about time you had a "hug"

  3. Ok, what's it called when you panic about everything? (laughs) That kid had me trembling for a long time I know that.

    Yep, kayoz - germaphobia, peoplephobia, lifephobia, agephobia... and some more crazy ones that I'l mkae up as I go along.

    Geenie - age, coupled with boredom, restlessness, recklessness, and goodness knows what else. I need to stop profound thinking... it hurts the hair shafts. AHAHAHAHAHA!!


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