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Monday, March 3, 2008

Things People Say To Kids

I was recently in a public setting and overheard a "man" speaking to a child about 4 maybe 5. The man tells the lil boy "We have to get you somewhere else. You're going with your Momma to work next time." And the lil one just rolled all over the man who seemed to be rather close. I can't recall if the boy said "Dad" at anytime but why was my feelings more hurt than the playful lil kid's??

Maybe I'm just too sensitive right now because of a heap of stuff going on offline and on. I really thought that was cruel. I know kids can be draining and I know parents are saying "you don't have kids, you have no idea". I don't know, maybe it was just me looking on the outside never to know what really goes on inside. I do know it still is ringing in my head and my heart considering where we all were... (sighs)


  1. that anecdote cries again for a parents manual guide... although not every adult is a parent, hopefully everyone remembers how it was to be a kid...
    and i still remember things my parents said to me which really hurt me and they don't even remember having ever said those... one really has to be careful with statements like that...

  2. I know Kayoz. I was floored but wondered if was me being over-sensitive right now because of many issues NOT in my Blog as well.

  3. Di, I posted my thoughts on this the other day, but do not see it here. Did it not go through, or were you not happy with what I wrote ? If the latter, then I am sorry if I said anything to upset or offend. Please know NEVER my intentions.

  4. Geenie,

    nnnnnnnoooooooooo. (smirks) I never received it. I just checked and I do not have any unpublished posts. I do apologize if it's not here. Only thing I can think of is it did not come through and/or the Google Gremlins stole it. We've been having some issues with the GG's lately, Kayoz and I.

    If you don't mind AND you can recall what you said, I'd love to read it. You know I appreciate that you're taking time to read much less post. So please forgive me and let me know. OK? HUGS Ms Geenie who has a song in her honor!! AHAHAHAAAAA!!!

  5. It was kind of a "moment" thing 'ya know ? .....but it went something on the lines of ....
    Speaking as a parent I know how difficult it can be at times. I am guilty of saying things to my child that I should not have said. Causing pain with words etc. But I am human and I make mistakes (sometimes BIG style) I love my child more than life itself and NEVER purposefully mean to hurt, yet sometimes I still do. I know how it sounds when you hear some people speak (at) their children and it makes me sad too .....even more so when I am in a "sensitive" state myself. I can only hope that what you heard was a "one off" and that usually things are different, although sadly in a lot of cases I know this not to be true.
    There are many reasons for many things ....not all of them obvious.

    .....not too sure about the "perfect work of art" bit ! *laughs and winks*

  6. You know, in retrospect, you are right Geenie. It could have been a "one off" statement that I happen to overhear at the wrong time. Remember when SHAGGY was talking about that father who had to swim out to save his child from the shark? And he was like GOD love the father because he might not have been able to do the same thing AND the craziness that people came after him with? Well, same thing there too, unless you are IN someone else's shoes you'll never really know all of the story, thoughts, feelings, etc.

    I know it was a sensitive situation because of where we were and I think that is why it affected me so much. Had I been in another location, the processing of it may have been totally different. And then again, maybe not because of my own personal dealings as a child. I know this sensitivity will never ever go away for children being a surviving victim. There's no man made therapy nor medication for that, ya know. I just continue to have to have faith in The Higher Power to get you through it all.

    I do thank you for coming back and posting your views as it helps me see the parental side, something I'll personally never know. I am quite sure from the child side I've said some things that hurt my parents as well. It's all a part of the unwritten progression of life.


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