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Monday, December 8, 2008

I still like free stuff...

... and I often sneak thru the net to find some "free stuff". I've posted about this before in case you're new, have a read. So I read a 'The Parker Report" Blog {not related to Erik Parker of MTV's The Parker Report I found out as soon as I saw the white family photos all over the Blog) and saw "Free $5 Gas Card". I was off and running on the first link which was a list of good deals. I had to go back and see that the second link was the actual link to the free $5 gas card. Duuuuuuh. Anyhow, Techron Trivia is where you need to go BUT... please read if the freebie is valid in your state PRIOR to answering the trivia questions. They are easy, trust me as I just filled mine out yesterday. And if you get more than $5 you better come back and share some of it with me. (laughs)

Now, here's a really good freebie. I am getting It's Pimpin' Pimpin' for FREE. No, it's not coming from the Katt Pack people but from Borders.com. And you say, you can get free stuff from Borders.com? Yes, if you play your freebies right. Here's how I played this one out. I like surveys and in one of my survey spots I earn $$. I accrued enough money in my account that I chose Borders.com as my reward of choice changeover. So after waiting a couple days for the money to be changed to Borders Bucks in November, I found out I could not use them until December. Ok, so I wait a couple more days and then on Dec. 1 I get a email stating I can now use my BB's. I am so excited as I have researched the online price (16.99) vs the in-store price (19.99) and also found out it's cheaper to order online and send to a location near you than going to said location and picking it up... gas included. I still have to go to the store and pick it up but... at a cheaper rate - for FREE. How did $16.99 turn into free? Well another email reminding me that I had a 30% off coupon that was about to expire came in and I was like "oh really?". So I go place the online order for the DVD and use the 30% coupon FIRST which brings it to $12 and some change. I then proceed to the option on how to pay. I see the BB's with the ADD button and then I do so. WHAAAAAAAAAALLAAAAAAAAH! The bottom line reads $0.00 owed, no taxes and no shipping fees. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Now, the penalty to the great savings on the DVD is as of today it is stuck in NJ and I ordered it on December 1. I'm not at all mad because I still saved in the long run and I'm very pleased to know I'll get it sooner or later..................

Here's a link to Money Saving Mom that TPR had on their website as a, seemingly, good source of good deals and savings. I'm not sure what states are covered but just read thru since it's blog style. Have fun getting your freebie on!!

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