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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays... REALLY!!

While in the ER waiting room the other night, I had a chance to see why Seth McFarlene has lost me for life. I was a semi huge supporter of Family Guy until it got very annoying. There's another show that annoys me if only for a few seconds - American Dad?!?!? HUH?? The piece I got while ER people muddled about seeking relief from... was the Christmas episode where the "Dad" is seeking Christmas spirit. Skipping the chase and getting to the scene of what bothered me so to post, here I go. He pushes a GUN into the kid cashier's face after not getting the "Merry Christmas" response back from his "Merry Christmas" departing gesture after his store purchase. There were other things prior to this that made me despise the show but this topped it off. The show seemed to deal with offending people's belief's, religious or otherwise, in terms of those commencing from November forward to oh January. So back to the scene, security tosses "Dad" out into the snow and you hear him say "I had a gun". The gun is flung out to him now wrapped in holiday paper with bow and gleeful "Merry Christmas" is heard, seemingly from the kid cashier. I was mortified as there were a heap of children in this waiting area. I can't imagine how the wreckage of the Christmas spirit via this show will affect those lil kids while trying to heal from whatever they were in the hospital's ER for in the first place.

I mean, someone could have changed the channel (or had it changed) if they found it offensive but no one did. And as I popped in and out of the area, it made realize that our chick value has really been diminished to levels so low, it's unmeasurable I guess. Are we not appalled that the holiday spirit is so abusive and bloody even in animation?!?! (smh) At any rate, the whole idea of trying not to offend not only stops with programs of this nature but the actual concept of the show - for bad or worse. The term 'Happy Holidays' has become more acceptable because from November to January, there are a few celebrated holidays. The term seems to blanket all of them without offending a Jewish, a Christian, a African and all other people. I am happy that there is a medium that can compliment all despite me not knowing or even caring how this show ended.

So from my Blog SPOT to YOURS... I am ever blessed to have you here as a reader and/or as a thought provider. Hence, the reason for "added thought(s)" when you reply to my............... It is my sincere hope that 2008 and all it's intricacies will leave you in a better and blessed position in 2009. I look forward to seeing you in the New Year... REALLY!! (SMILES)

(always a) Lady Di

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  1. merry christmas to u too lady di,and its a pleasure stopping by here


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