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Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Katt Williams News??

According to Yo! Raps, Katt is coming with an audio CD to the DVD that was just released. Here's the deal per the site:

Katt Williams Releases Audio Version Of "It's Pimpin, Pimpin"

Posted: Saturday - December 13, 2008

Katt Williams In an unprecedented power move for the multi-talented comedian/actor, Katt Williams recently inked a deal with Warner Bros. Records to distribute the audio version to his critically acclaimed fourth stand-up DVD It's Pimpin, Pimpin, which is scheduled to be released January 27, 2009.

The DVD version was released in November and features a collection of the comedian's brash, no-holds-barred routines from his 100-city tour, which grossed more than $25 million in ticket sales. As proof positive to Williams' ranking of being the number-one urban comedian in the market, It's Pimpin, Pimpin DVD shipped more than 400,000 and scanned 200,000 copies in three weeks.

Previous DVD releases from Williams include laugh riots Pimp Chronicles and Katt Live, both released in 2006 and selling more than 700,000 units each and last year's American Hustle, which has sold more than 650,000 units and counting.

AND THIS IS FROM Rap Search.com

Katt Williams will release his new album "It's Pimpin' Pimpin' - Introducing Katt Williams and The Secret Pimp Society" later this year with guest features by Lil Wayne, Nelly, Snoop Dogg, Da Brat, Paul Wall and more.

When the new CD goes on sale nationwide, a Best of Katt Williams comedy DVD will be attached. The first single will be Gotta Shine featuring Paul Wall & Mike Jones.

The album is Katt's debut music CD.


  1. Katt Just Isn't That Funny To Me. Dude Is Seriously Overrated. He Has Some Jokes, But That's About It. He's No Different Than A 2000 Comicview Comedian. Money Mike >>> Katt Williams.

  2. You think MM was better than the WHOLE of KW?? WOW, interesting perception. Did you see/like him in his other stuff? I've seen the ooolder stuff forward and I'm ok with his semi versatility to be able to do the parts he's landed.

    Let's see what he brings in '09. I saw him live and I really think it was all the YouTubin' I done prior that messed me up. I still found 7 chuckles though.


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