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Monday, December 29, 2008

So much to say, not sure how to say it...

You ever been there? You have a heap of things to say and then... nothing or you become uncertain in how what you say will turn out?? I've been put in that predicament since April and I'm not usually this verbally closed in. I USUALLY say what's on my mind and go from there. I do have a sensitivity to alienating and/or hurting people's feelings but this is much different. I'm being put in a competitive "you don't know knowing" situation from someone who SHOULD be educating. Let me say that this year is going down as the quietest year ever for me. I mean, I'm the one who calls the coupon senders and fusses about receiving a coupon that expires 4-5 days from when I received it. So for me to get in to this battle of the one sex type crap I'm being lured into, I'll sit back and let my actions do all the speaking. I'm being told I need to stand my ground and make people respect me and maybe it's true.

I've always been an actions girl so words roll of my back... normally. But this year, I had a rude awakening on just how far people will go to continue to put you down when they are down themselves. Misery loves company and I guess I'm not showing them any so they have no were to run nor hide. I decided to do more listening this year and damned if I did not hear more than I eve would in 26+ years. WOW!! And when you hold people in high regard and they fall from grace... what do you do? What happens when you go behind the curtains to see what's really been hiding all that time?? WOW!! As I always say, GOD give you no more than you can handle. Sadly, I can't change my lost feelings for those I once had deeper feelings for. I see now that folks will do loads of things to cover their own azzes while making more of an azz of themselves. When it's the people you think are close to you is when it hits lie a brick.

Thank you GOD for keeping my mouth closed, my brain in tact and my strength stronger than any rock you made. Most importunately, thank you GOD for keeping my heart safe and me nearer to YOU!!

Graphic courtesy of UMiss

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