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Friday, December 12, 2008

Almostest Free

Yeah, I created a new word and I'm damn proud of it. So, as you can tell I'm stockpiling (getting loads of one product for future use) and it's Sure deodorant right now. I have a total of 5... yes, FIVE - including the one I'm using. TMI I know but today I went to Walgreen's and there's were 2/$5. I had a $1.50 coupon for each out of the Walgreen's lil book and then 2 $1 coupons printed online. All I had to pay was .30 tax for the 2 3.2 bonus size bottles. Sounds good, eh? Then I picked up another A&H Laundry detergent for .99. They normally charge $6.99 for 1 64oz and right now they have a 4 day sale on it for $1.99. I was Armed and I Hammered down a $1 from A&H website and whallah!!

I feel so good when I can get good bargins like this. Plus, I also picked up 3/.99 each mini First Aid kits out of CVS. I had a buy 2 for $3 coupon which gave me them free. YEAH ME!! Now here's the best one of all and with heaps of thanks to MSM's Blog for every single savings, no doubt. Safeway has a Kelloggs sale right now and if you buy 5 select varieties, they'll increase your discount to $5 off the total of the five boxes. So here's how it went down. I picked up 5 boxes and head to the counter. She rings them and after coupons and some bonus markdowns I found, the total was a wee high. So, I go over and proceed to figure out what went wrong. I see I purhcased one cereal at $4.99 which was 17oz box and not a 12oz. Then I see the Sugar Pops - MY OTHER FAVORITE CEREAL - was not apart of the 5/$5 off promotion. So I had Mr. J void that cereal transaction and start fresh all over again. So, he gives me back almost $15, re-rings the right cereals and I, when all said and done, hand him $2.45 for 5 boxes of cereal. How? Safeway's Kelloggs sale is from $2.29 (Rice Krispies, Corn & Frosted Flakes - I think) to $2.79. I had 5/$1 coupons printed from online - $1 for each box. Don't forget that $5 deal and there you go.

Some Safeway's do not accept internet printable coupons, so call PRIOR to using. But, can you imagine walking out of any chain store with 5 boxes of cereal for $2.45? I bragged to every, even the cashier who originally rang me up, the store person who re-rang my stuff plus Mom's. I am so thrifty. Or is that frugal?? Off to MSM's to see what she has next...


  1. LOL, this blog made me laugh! Who doesn't love free stuff...or cheaper things? I'm guilty at that...and more! :)

  2. We've gone from "mental recession" to "mental "depression" now Gabby and we have to survive "by any means necessary". Thank you for laughing because at least I know you're smiling about something positive!!

  3. Ahahahahahaha!! It'll wear off real soon Jervis!!


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