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Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Chain Epidemic

The Parker Report's link is not working so here's one I did find that works, courtesy of OnSmash.com. For anyone more knowledgeable than me, can you help a sistah with this??!?! I'll be checking back on that website because I'm eager to see Mr. Alvin Joiner and what he's talkin' bout these days. That's tomorrow's episode so I read.


  1. The Law On This Is Pretty Textbook. Chains Get Snatched For Two Reasons:

    1-A Crazed Fan Wants Memorabilia
    2-Somebody Is Gonna Test Your Gangsta

    9 Times Outta 10, It's Reason 2. I'm Not A Flashy Cat Tho. I Got Money, But It Doesn't Show Through Materialistic Things Like Jewelry. Not Cause I'm Scared It'll Get Snatched, But Because That's Not Me. It's Really Simple... If You Don't Have The Respect Of Jay-Z Or The Build Of Michael Clarke Duncan.. Don't Buy Big Chains Haha.

  2. I understand the reason why they are getting snatched Swoosh but the necessity of such gaudy jewelry is beyond me. It's weird fashion thing that is causing people to lose their minds and try to and/or succeed at taking another man's property. You never hear about someone stealing too much else from celebs right now except that. How many have been snatched for us to have a whole "report" on it?!?! Thanks for your input no doubt as it educates me a lil more.

  3. u got it right about the golden krust,very impressive, now on to this chain snatchin story, i will comment soon

  4. theres nothing much I can say on this piece,but its just a sign that the world doesnt turn the same. ANYONE can get touched. Before celebs were looked at like gods, now they're being viewed like humans, so now fans and civilians treat them like such. There is no respect no nothing. People cant have fun, walk anywhere, wear what they want to, without having something happen to them,so sad

  5. Prior to "celebs" (who are no more special than me) not 'getting touched', you could not "touch" family. The only difference in a "celeb" and you or I is their choice of head relief is in different form than ours a lot of times. Different in amounts and/or choice of whatever the poison is. But back to the family being sacred ground, this goes waaay back before "celebs" had an ounce of respect. Key word - RESPECT and once that left, then the right if "touching" never looked back.

    Celebs should never be treated as GODs, they should be treated like YOU want to be treated. Would you want someone to snatch you ish?? The go out and work for your own mental left when kids saw their Moms & Pops put 30 yrs in a place ot only come home with a watch. Lil did they know Mom & Pop also back then had a decent retirement. Unfortunately, some kids drain their parents of this retirement and then it forces the parents to suffer. Kids can't see this side of the picture and who suffers? Everyone involved.

    I realize these chains are of great value but thugs stealing them don't have values to begin with. A chain is not going to make you a better wo/man, it's just another trinket to get your tail "touched" and not nearly as respected as if you put that $$ into something more worthy. If respect/self worth is dumbed down to a chain, we've in for a really, really bad future.


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