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Friday, December 19, 2008

Persons of the Year - Drs. Vance & Vince Moss (Revisited)

The Moss brothers treat a patient in Kabul, Afghanistan.

'World News' Revisits Extraordinary People Who Are Making a Difference

Drs. Vince and Vance Moss

After hearing about the suffering of civilians in war-torn countries, these twin brothers -- both U.S. Army reservists since college -- felt compelled to act. They approached the U.S. military and State Department about a medical mission to Afghanistan to treat civilians. Their idea was rejected because of safety concerns, so the Mosses took matters into their own hands. They chartered a plane, stocked it with medical supplies, hired their own security and flew to Afghanistan -- all at their own expense. They made two trips to the country, gaining the trust of the people and providing much-needed care.

Since "World News" featured the Moss brothers in February, they have served with the Army on a three-month tour to Iraq, assigned as medics to a marine unit. Upon their return home, they arranged for the transport and life-saving surgery for several Iraqi children in the United States.

"When you look at our pictures, and you look at the eyes of the little kids, a lot of them that we treated, I think you will come to the same conclusion that we have -- it certainly was worth it," said Vance Moss.

Click here to see the original story.

WATCH: Brothers on a Healing Mission


  1. Don't You Just Love Stories Like This? My Hats Goes Off To These Two "Brothers". Good Post.

    P.S.-I Type Like This Just Cuz.. I Dunno Lol. I've Been This Way For Years, And I Even Text This Way. Kinda Became A Habit. It Feels Weird To Even Type Regular Now.

  2. Swoosh - thanks for coming back and answering me first off... then let me give you some more insight about those guys that I've known since they were 7.


  3. wow, thats very inspiring. At their own expense huh?!...

  4. I don't know many people who would think on that level much less act it out. Yes, out f their own pockets. AMAZING!!

  5. Swoosh, no you do not text like that too? I can't imagine a guy taking the time to use that much capping. All the ones I know go all lower case and surprise me when they cap A word in a text. :D


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