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Thursday, December 11, 2008

16 Tag with no one to send it to

Ok, so CHRISSSSSSSS hit me really hard with this one as I do not even know 1 Blogger to tag it with that will do it much less keep it going. GOT ALL THAT? Great!! I'm supposed to give up some facts, habits and/or goals. Ohhhhhhhhh, this is going to be hard... so in no PAR-TIC-U-LAR order, here I go...

1. Goal - move outta MD (ain't never lived anywhere else, so there ya go)

2. Habit - bite nails (nervousness)

3. Habit - sucks teeth (for cleaning and hatin' purposes)

4. Goal - be more productive (I do try)

5. Fact - Purple loves me and I love it right back

6. Fact - I love computin'

7. Goal - continue to do things that are effective no matter the size of it

8. Habit - sleep with a box of tissues (allergies)

9. Habit - have been busted for staring (since I was months old)

10. Fact - I love food and it loves me

11. Fact - people who read this will find me boring

12. Goal - to be independently wealthy

13. Habit - washes hands frequently

14. Fact - I will cry if someone else is crying and also, I will toss my food if someone else is too

15. Fact - people say I treat my cat better than humans. (And????????)

16. Goal - to never be tagged again, ever, ever, never, ever :P

Sorry, don't post on much Bloggers to tag.


  1. woow,i can tell u hated that didnt u???

  2. Hate is a strong word J. Bothered that I has no one to pass it on to is as dep as it gets. :D

  3. Okay first of all, Di, you're not boring! And many of the goals you have, most of us have. Except I don't bite my nails!
    Maybe I should start a list for my 2009 goals as well....

  4. Will you start A Blog so I can put this on Gabby? :P (laughs)

  5. The though of starting a blog is tempting! Hmmmm...maybe...lol!

  6. Let's get to it. I'll be first to post in it I bet. :p


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