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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What did I get FREE today??

Well I FINALLLLLLLLY got my dang blasted for cryin' out loud friggin 'It's Pimpin' Pimpin' DVD today. Them fools over at that darned Borders store was about to get knocked out if they did not have the DVD after all the phone calls I made starting at 9:30 AM this morning. The last call was around 2ish pm and I had to hold back from cussing then. Computers went down in Borders and HUMANS forgot how to actually go LOOK on the shelf for the dang blasted thing. I saw dude when someone else called in and all he did was skim they area, pull out ONE or TWO things and went back and told the person on the line the EXACT same thing he said to me. I knew it was him as he was saying "I looked n the shelf.... and our computers are down....". I just rolled my eyes and waited my turn to get my stuff and leave. I was already told by Borders.com that if they told me it was NOT in that store to not argue but leave and call them promptly. Well dude that waits on me says "it was out in the mailbox and I hung up before he could come back". So I say, "dude, you never told me to hold on. You said you checked the box and it was not there... hello??" And of course he tries to be all apologetic but I was not having it. I just let him finish getting thru with me and I left quick nuff you can beleive that.

Don't get me wrong, I am grateful but for the crap the store put me thru, the PO and the .com people too... lesson learned on free stuff from them. Bet somebody was trying to cop my ish b/c everybody I talked to except one person from online resources to store peeps kept telling me how much they LOVED them some Katt when they heard/saw the title. Uhhhhh huuuuuuh.

Off to watch!!

Oh wait, I picked up some Sure deodorant for .49. I kinda went a day before the sale day as it was $2.99 not $2.50 as I had read here. But, I had both coupons, one form the in-store lil booklet that she mentions plus the printed one from the same site and it was OOOOON!! Hey .49 not generic brand deodorant is good for me too.


  1. man,bargains huh??,im surprised that YOU just got the dvd

  2. I earned my Borders Bucks in Nov and could not use them till Dec. Sooooooooooooo, by this time... I had more incentive as a 25% of ANY THING coupon arrived as well. Still free any which way ya look at it. Glad I finally got it, you know why. ;)

    Yep, bargain bunny!!

  3. 'your it' - check my blog for the tagged post :)

  4. I'm gonna make a no new post no tag posting rule. AHAHAHAAAA!! Aight, lemme go check it out.

  5. Like I said before, I would have gone OFF on whomever kept making up excuses. Have you noticed that whenever they give you something "for free" over the internet, they take their sweet time in getting it down to you? It's ridiculous!

  6. Yep but I had one more button to be pushed and I'm glad no one knew where it was. Fitting title, huh Gabby?

  7. Very fitting! Now I'm mad because my Dark Knight DVD hasn't even been shipped! LOL!
    Sooooo mad!


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