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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Katt Gets FUXXED!!

Listen here to Jamie Foxx's show 'The Foxxhole' as the entire crew including Jamie himself dig right into Katt - HARD!! Thanks to Smartenupnas.com for the upload. I don't know how long this stuff stays up, so get there fast. I'm still listening but the link reads that Steve Harvey calls in as well. I'm going on a HOPEFUL guess that all parties are in on this. I could be wrong, eh??


  1. Lol, This Was Funny... Especially When Steve Called In. I Was Actually Contemplating On Going To This, I Know It's Gonna Be Live. I Think They Are Just Selling The Show, Never In Steve's Career Has He Been About Beef. And He Definitely Don't Have To Come Up Off Another Name's Fame (Dog Barks At Moon Analogy). Whether You Go Or Not I Expect YOU To Keep Up With This Story Lady Di! I'll Frequent The Blog To Look For Updates.

    P.S.-I'm Not Sure Why Yo Don't Get E-mails When I Post. It Might Be Something In My Wordpress Settings. Its Still New, So Bare With Me.

  2. I'm MD and unless some mystery plane tickets and hotel package is gifted for my true holiday EXperience... I'll be missing this live show, sadly. But I do intend to follow it to the max because I'm just lost. I saw some words about it and I even downloaded what "appears to be KW's whole diss/ticket selling bt.

    See when it landed online that the show was going down.. it's been billed as Championship and just had KW's and SH's names. I always thought it was a play on words and still do think it as such. But hearing the Foxx show made me wonder WTF?? and WTF is this needed when SH kept saying comedy don;t have beefs.

    See KW has long been calling bad comics out, i.e. Rickey Smiley and I agree. But after the stuff he's been trough, still has to go through... people just gonna go on first impression and go all ugly which may turn out for the worse for whomever is behind it. We shall see in comings days as it is right around the corner.

    See ya on your or back on my Blog. ;) Oh, I have to go round the corner to see if you replied to me. :p


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