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Monday, December 8, 2008

Freeebies... not actually FREE

Here's a re-cap, re-post of my Free adventure today:

I went to CVS for the Maybelline lip products and did get a B1G1 free deal but the cheapest was the lip gloss in a tube. Coupon for $4.00 only took it down to 2 for $2.14 with tax. Still cheap as they are $5.79 EACH w/o tax.

Rayovac Batteries - I picked these up today (2pk AA alkaline) for .06, the tax. Normally sells for $1 per pack plus tax.

An Air Wick Lumin' Air product was almost free. I had a really crazy experience as when she rang it up in Target, the register told her it would be "below a zero total" and it would not allow her to proceed. I was like WTH?? Then she did the Rayovac batteries which did take but I had to pay .06 tax. Fine, better than $1. She then did the Airwick once again and tells me I cannot use the coupon. I ask her isn't there an override and/or an option to type in $4.99 coupon. (I've been in customer service/cashiering for over 20 years) She tells me no. HUH??

So this other cashier comes over and said she rang 2 up and then did ok. Come to find out later on, her 2 were for free products not discounted items. So, after 20 mins this lady who acts in charge comes over and does the transaction again. She gets the same coded error and tells me I can't use the coupon because it is more than the item. HUH? I said the same thing about the override and/or manually telling the cash register gone mad that the coupon is $4.99. She tells me if I do that then you have to pay the tax. DUUUUUUUUH? I said can I take this to Customer Service. No, they are going to call me. WOW and this is my last resort I think. So I say just let me get the product and I'll pay the tax on it. 30 mins later I walk out the door with an almost just about kinda sorta free item for 30something cents.

I called a neighbor to tell her this story as I had asked for her coupon earlier in the day. I might rethink this now.

And in other Freebie news, one day I found a Pizza Hut Gift card. I called the 800# on the back and it had $8 left on it. YAY for me and my FREE (personal pan) 3 topping pizza plus soda wouldn't you say??

Plus, I find $$ all the time. I found $20 soaked in gasoline, where else... the gas station, $10 folded on Food Lion's lot, almost a buck in change on Red Lobster's walkway and oodles of change amounts here and there. I found reading glasses and a cell phone case recently. What next?? And yes, I do look down when I walk. :p

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