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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shoes Thrower - Hero or Zero?

First, let me slam down some remarks from Huffington Post's website which btw has over 7,000 comments on this:

1) Journalist pass 0 dollar. pair of shoes 25 dollars. Hurling shoes at bush, priceless. Somethings money truly can't buy. (American Express card commercial wording for those who don't get it)

2) If only we had known sooner that the President would leave the country if you threw shoes at him.

3) Please join my Shoes for George Campaign and mail one shoe to George Bush, @ The White House, Washington, D. C. to show our appreciation for all he has done for our country. Let's bury him up to his armpits in shoes! Thanks!

4) Lucky for GWB that Imelda Marcos wasn"t there

5) As a form of protest and symbolism, one must admit, it was extremely effective. Protest is not about being, nice, respectful or hospitable. People who have tried to make their point in less imaginative ways, such as taking up arms as you suggest or suicide have been much less effective about getting their point across. As symbolism, it was actually devastating to the Bush Administration PR effort.

6) In baseball, it's 3 strikes and you're out! In politics, it's 2 shoes and you're out!!

7) Looks like Bush finally found those weapons of mass destruction.

8) He should just be thankful that Doc Marten hasn't set up shop in Iraq yet.


  1. laffin at: "Looks like Bush finally found those weapons of mass destruction"

  2. I'm still reading and here's another one:

    "Let he who is without stones cast the first shoe."

  3. He's Got Gonads, That's For Sure. I Know A Lot Of Americans Look At This Guy And Cheer Him On, But Really Why? He Didn't Achieve Anything. We All Have Our Vendettas About Bush, But We Know Our Place. This Guy Is In Iraq Custody Now, Probably Getting Tortured Or Something... Bush Won.

  4. Not that I condone disrespecting ANY ONE, what our President (along with those in position to help him with those decisions) to that country and other countries affected deserved the "shoes" and more. If you total the crap Fush has done compared to what the shoes being tossed means to the Muslims, the shoes are far from being a factor.

    It did do something though...

    1) it took the much wanted photo op prior to leaving office and make me look like a hero rather than zero mental that Fush went there with to another level. It lowered him in the eyes of MANY people.

    2) It was bad symbol to say that our country, unfortunately, with Fush still at the helm can be disrespected publicly.

    3) It sent a message that out Secret Service are crappy and we need better "institutions", I mean... better implementation of measures to protect our 44th President from ANY HARM.

    4) It put our military in a little more harm because if the thru a shoe or two at thw world's most secured man, than our troops are sitting ducks moreso than ever now than ever before. It just shows there is NO ONE those people can't touch if they really want to.

    5) It also gave me the belief more than ever that no Muslims were responsible for 9-11.

    6) Disrespecting him during his moment of glory put a big dent in a whole heap of national security egos. What if that had been more than just a shoe or two????

    7) There are more than a few people who would have loved to have had the "gonads" this guy did and be as effective as he was. Fush's last memory of his already tainted legacy will be SHOES not accomplishments.

    8) I pray that this action leaves our country in in far better light than Fush ever could. And that is that we need to leave those people ALONE and mind some of our own damn business. And that we are not the all powerful country we play to be.

  5. Oh where are my manners... Thanks Swoosh for dropping in and leaving your thoughts, no doubt!!

  6. Well Lady Di.. When I'm Right, I'm Right...


    But We All Knew They Would Rough That Guy Up A Little Bit. It's Kinda Like When The Cops Catch A Dirty Criminal... They Are Gonna Beat His Ass Before They Take Him To The Station. "Oh, We Found Him Like This".

  7. Yep Swoosh, I read it on a forum I frequent yesterday. Uhmmmmmm, didn't you hear the guy moaning when it originally aired? he was getting kicked to near death then if you ask me. He not only disrespected our country and the man who unfortunately represents it but he disrespected his country and the person that represents them as well.

    So, I had no doubt his life would be flowery. But as I said before and I say now, those people will die a lot faster than we would for something of this same magnitude. He gave his life to whomever they worship to from birth and the strong belief of it. Religion, whatever theirs is, is STRONG and taken VERY serious there unlike this place... very unlike it.

  8. Really? What's your thoughts about it FYEO?? How do you feel it left our country since you have an interest in "politics or lack of"...

    Looking forward to provoking a future visit!!


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