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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shaggy & Friends Benefit

My favorite person in Reggae music is well known to all as Recording Artist Shaggy. Being friends with the International Artist for over 7 years, I can say he's a decent man with a huge heart. And for as long as Shaggy's Studio.com has been online and before, Mr. Burrell has been supporting the Sir Alexander Bustamante Hospital in Jamaica. It is "the only pediatric hospital in the English speaking Caribbean, but here in Jamaica, it’s the only pediatric hospital which offers specialized health services for children". He, along with many many others, have been providing much needed equipment such as ventilators, surgical supplies and even went as far as replanting the hospital's greenery surrounding the facility. There is a huge benefit concert on January 3, 2009. Here's the PSA for it and a mini commercial follows. If you would like to get involved, please go here - http://www.shaggyfoundation.org for all the details. You can also contact me and I will forward information upstream. Supporters of Shaggy and myself have been involved with these efforts for about 4 years now. Won't you contribute too?

Read more about Shaggy's contributions over the years right here.


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