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Saturday, November 29, 2008

The rum really is gone :(

I thank "E" for the making of it and the after affects. :p It took me this LONG to get back in here to talk about it that's how EFFECTIVE that stuff was. I watched him make it and knew he could be my bartender any time. Lil heavy on the lemon juice, whole lotta heavy on the Wray & Nephew Overproof... the nutmeg added version was WICKED!! IT RUM TINGS!!!!!!!!!!!

About Thanksgiving... I'm always blessed that I survive it as I'm usually on the road to somewhere. This year I had a Caribbean good time with "family" who were a lot of laughs. The total day was just gorgeous as the sun was bright in the day time and the moon was... it was cold and I had to get my dru... I mean nicely loose tail in the car. Could not have asked for better weather at all. Dinner started late but when it did get rolling, there was food everywhere from the kitchen to the dining room table. Caribbean fare such as Jerk chicken that cleared all nose hairs, Curry chicken and rice n peas along with the customary US foods such as turkey, roast beef and pork as well as sweet potato souffle, stuffing, mashed potatoes and greens. "R' made a cole slow with raisins that made me upset tat I did not get more. I'm not the biggest slaw eater but hers was RIGHT!! There was just too much food to mention. Dessert included Junior's Cheesecake (which is not my thing) and Sweet potato pie.

"E" had music going that was from all the Islands you could think of. Then he put on some line dance music. All over... We did the Cupid, ES, and BC'ed it too. I showed them the Zydeco line dance video to learn by the time I get back. (laughs) I don't know how to do it....:P No Obama shuffle as I kinda forgot it after much cups of JRP. I totally enjoyed this year's festivity more than I have in a long time. Here's what I said about last Thanksgiving and I can't even go back to read it. I know it was sad and I pray future Thanksgivings are more Thanks Living experiences than that one was.

Post me a note about your day!! Thanks for reading about mine.

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