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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

If you wanted a "Black" President, Cynthia McKinney IS Black

To me, we have a American in the Presidential Elect position right now. He's not just "Black", he's white as well people. If that make-up consists of Jewish, Irish, and any other race known under the "white" category, so be it. DO NOT GET IT TWISTED - he's that part of their lineage too. LET US NOT FORGET WHERE HE COMES FROM AS WE CONSTANTLY REMIND US OF WHERE WE'VE BEEN.

So where has that side of his heritage gone when people are saying "we have the first African American"/"Black" in office?? HUH?? The people who raised him were not a bit more African American/Black than McShame and McFartin are. So, because his Father's seed gave him the African part of his make-up I should be like the happiest person with the rest of the world? NOT. Don't get me wrong, a big chunk of this world sees that man as "Black" I do know, but... whites are always saying that Blacks are keeping themselves down by putting "Black" the word in front of this and that and using the N-word so freely.

Here we have the chance to come correct and just BE AMERICAN and what do we do... let it slide by the wayside. I am sure I made some posts on this vast net about having the opportunity to have African American/Black in office. And then, it hit me yesterday when I came in and started watching CNN. Getting closer to the thing that many a people, black and white died for... I wondered... did we REALLY get there? People died for equality and hopefully one day laying DOWN these stereotypes and pigeon holes - I thought. WE had the very opportunity to make REAL change and it was blown. I really feel Obama should have stepped further up on that plate and put people in real perspective. I can only hope he does so while the white side of his family looks on and wonders where they fit in all of this when said and done as far as people's "terminology" is concerned.

I am part white myself... Irish and some more I'm sure. I know the pain it has caused me but can you image the pain it's causing the family that are alive to witness his success?? This is not hate people, this is me continuing to educate myself. If you have answers to my confusion, please feel free to drop them down. Maybe you can help me see something I may have missed.

With that said, if we really wanted to make HIStory and HERstory, the first Black AND female, Cynthia McKinney was an option just like Obama. We've always had a man, yes?? And how much CNN and FOX coverage did she receive. As much as my Dad watched CNN from sunrise to sunset, you'd think he'd have mentioned that. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Not blaming him for my lack of knowledge, I'm just saying... maybe men didn't want to mention HERstory. ;)

Here's some food for thought. GOD rest her soul, Obama's grandmother passed away the day before all of this. Remember her story of the panhandler and her fear of blacks? Hmmmm... Maybe she wasn't ready to see her grandson cheered as on as one of those she despised. Hmmmmmmmmm............


  1. I understand what you're saying completely. The flip side is, yes he's half white, but to white America, he's a black man. It doesn't matter if he were 98% white and 2% black, in a lot of white eyes, he'd be another n****. The fact still remains, this moment is huge. Too many people try to pretend that race is not an issue in this country when it is, but maybe now we're on the way to it not being one anymore.

  2. My apologies Nadia for not replying sooner. The moment indeed is huge and I do hope the great racial divide is suppressed some during his candidacy. I just hope it gets heaps better than far worse racially. The economic struggle can't get any worse... or at least I pray not. Thank you for stopping by and adding your thoughts.

  3. I don't know what you experienced being biracial.

    All I can say is that in America, if you have one drop of African blood in you - you are considered Black.

    Black people are proud to claim Obama as our own. His rise is a testament to the strength of our people to emerge out of slavery, Jim Crow, and discrimination and into the highest office in the land.

    Obama rarely, if ever played the race card on his campaign. He has stressed that we are all Americans.

  4. I grew up not knowing racism until I moved to Upper Marlboro. It really hit the fan because my Grandmother was very, very light and my step Mom is light as well. Not knowing that she was not my birth Mother, it was the wildest thing to have had a predominately white (back then) community embrace it but the blacks call me everything they could find. I was a teen and I adjusted very well after I shut a few people up but still.

    So anyhow, do you know where the 2% rule come from Kofi and Nadia?? And if so, why are we trying to erase it?? Why are/were we so quick to embrace THAT?? Hmmmmmmmmmm....


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