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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thank YOUUUU Katt and Deena Too!!!!

Who reads the credits on DVD's being viewed at friend's houses?? Ok, some do but who expects to see their name in them?? NOT ME!! So, while watching "It's Pimpin' Pimpin'" a few days ago and Katt does the final joke, I leave the room. I hear this 'Di, come here!!!!!!!!!" and I casually stroll back in the room. The credits were running and I'm like, "yeah, when the credits roll that means it's over". Then I hear "WAIT!!!!" while the words are scrolling, then pause... I gasp... and my inhaler was handed to me (asthmatic who can enter a room and just stop breathing for no apparent reason). So, as the cup I was holding was being grabbed and I snatched back (it was empty anyhow), I was like "WOOOOOOOOOW" and my lip was pushed upwards as I was stuck in shear shock.

And for all that at about the same time Mr. Williams was going thru his uneventful at the moment life, I can truly say I am ever blessed for this notation. Work like this lasts a long time and you know how many people out there who have ex's (wife/husband, girl/boyfriend, etc, etc etc) on material they WISH they could take back. Well, I just hope... no... pray I never do anything to make him and his staff regret this. And vice versa. :P

THANK YOU MR. WILLIAMS - Micah when I meet you, VICKI and the entire KattPack Group!!


Deena screencapped it and sent it to me because I was not allowed to touch the owner's copy for fear I would damage it. WUTEVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!


  1. Hey Lady Di Thanks for the shout out!!

  2. do u know katt williams or something? how did u get on the credits of that dvd? get at me, you know who this is. peace

  3. No taint, I don't "know" him but he knows my work. I post on the IMDb.com Check it out sometime. Excellent info I've left there. Thank for taking a pee in here too as there's a lil Katt hiding around these parts too. :)


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