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Monday, November 10, 2008

This is not a Katt Williams Blog... :P

I know it's beginning to read like that but I want answers. I am so struck by the turn of events I'm in disbelief, dismay and some other 'D' words not coming to mind right now. Please feel free to chip in a few D words but... please be nice.

On my quest to try to reason with what's happened, I stumbled upon 2 excellent writing sources who happen to be have comedy in their portfolio as well. With permission granted for the one article secured, I present Mandy Stadtmiller's viewpoint that NO OTHER sources has tapped into as deeply and as professionally as she has. I found one other article that comes close and I'm off to secure permission for it as well. Here's Mandy Stadtmiller's write-up of the Carnegie Hall events, at least:

Sunday, November 9, 2008
Have been going to a lot of NYCF events and coverage is in writing and videos.

By far, the craziest night was Thursday with Katt Williams who played Carnegie Hall just 35 minutes after posting a quarter-million dollars bail for gun charges.

Gotta say, I really dug what I saw of his set, and it was exhilarating to see such a raw performance that was equal parts anger and inspiration, exuberance and hilarity.

At the end of the night, as I told Page Six, he threw off almost all his clothes to a thrilled audience and then went through Carnegie taking pictures with fans wearing only his jeans, undershirt and socks. When I, like the obnoxious reporter I am, held up my voice recorder to him and asked what do you want people to know about your arrest as he climbed across rows of seats to reach ever more fans, he said, "That I'm free. And thank you."

One person in the audience waiting to get a picture with him said, "I feel like Election Day all over again." Another said, "Everybody's on a high from Obama. But he needs to take a break. Go to Africa, pull a Dave Chappelle for a little while."

Outside the back stage door as Chris Rock, looking handsome and dapper as ever in a newsboy cap, emerged (and practically sprinted from me), said, "I thought it was a really good show."

Here are some excerpts, obvs NSFW:

"I'm going to need y'all to give me a minute if you don't mind...What a pleasure to be in Carnegie Hall....They didn't make places like this for niggers. See all this gold, this was not for niggers. Naw beautiful shit was supposed to happen in this place. You'll have to forgive me--I know I'm moving slower than my normal pace, but I just got out of jail about 35 minutes ago. [REFERRING TO ELECTION DAY] So a couple days ago I guess we all know what happened a couple days ago. I ain't never gonna be the same. They could kill Obama tonight, nothing could change. Nothing--it's already happened, motherfuckers, it's already happened. Everybody ain't happy, uh-uh, I live in an all-white neighborhood. That motherfucker was looking at me like I killed Jesus with my bare hands. That motherfucker was looking at me like I stole Christmas and sold it to Barack Hussein Obama....Barack Obama needs help, and I'm going to recommend...if he come in your jurisdiction, and you care about the nigger you might want to look out for him. 'Cause some crazy shit happened to me today. I was in fucking jail, and I was mad as shit, and I was thinking I was going to miss this, and I know you don't believe me when I say this, but I really wasn't thinking about the money. Now that's 'cause they paid me in advance. But I really needed to see you motherfuckers believe it or not...you motherfuckers are my whole team. I am alone in New York. I had 15 niggers with me yesterday. The police put them all in...I'm the only one out. In case you ain't never been to jail it's an uncomfortable rest in jail because although you tired and you wanna sleep what you sleeping on is cold so this is how you sleep. [LIES ON FLOOR UNCOMFORTABLY, THEN DOES PUSH-UPS] You can always do some push-ups. I was in there, and some crazy shit happened. Everybody in there treated me nice. Threw me off, fucked me up....So I'm in there, I'm strong, head up, lip stiff. And these motherfuckers were nice as shit to me, brought me coffee...let me call my loved ones....And there I was in jail. But I'm in New York. But I'm in jail. And I missed Conan yesterday. And then two days before that it came out in the news that I had died in a plane crash. And then I lost a loved one in my family and 10 minutes later Barack's grandma died...and then the next day...and then the next day I'm in jail. So you gotta understand I'm in jail with every emotion that I possess. I'm hurting 'cause I said I wouldn't go back to jail. And I tried to play the system, they said I couldn't carry a gun so I gave it to another nigger and then they arrest him....I was sad, and I was angry, and I was missing y'all, and...I'm still happy and proud and shit because every time I see a white person it remind me of something, 'Oh, we got a black president!'....I was just waiting to post bail...because we are in for some exciting shit in the world. Now white people I need you to understand something on behalf of niggers." [SOMEONE FROM THE AUDIENCE SHOUTS, "SAY IT!"] "See you can't say it like that anymore. You could say it like that two weeks ago. You could go, 'Say it!' But now we got a black president, we don't act like that. SAY IT! Yeah, so anyway white people I need y'all to understand that as a black people we understand the fact that racism is as fucked up for y'all as it is for us. Because no white people own slaves. Today. And so all the white people today are being penalized for some shit they didn't even do which makes them almost niggers. But now if we gonna get over racism it can't be done by acting as if it's less than what it was. It's not. It couldn't be....'Cause I'm a cold motherfucking nigger...[DURING OBAMA'S SPEECH] Black people were watching...you know we was watching waiting on a sign or some thing. We was trying to wait for the nigger sign....Did y'all--black women, did you see Michelle Obama glide across that motherfucking stage?...White people I know you don't like the word nigger. And I know you wish that I stopped saying it. Because you think I'm funnier if I don't say it--but I always think if I don't say it then it don't exist--and I need niggers to exist. For I am a nigger. I've already explained that tonight....White people did something for niggers. Let me just make something perfectly clear....If all the niggers, all the African Americans, all the colored people, all the blacks and all the Hispanics woulda voted for Obama he would've lost. I don't think you heard what I just said. If all the niggers, all the black people, all the coloreds, all the Hispanics had voted for Obama, he would've lost. The reason that he won--and when I say win I don't mean win like win. I mean win like shut the fuck up [KNOCKS OVER THE MIC] was white people. White people, we have been waiting on y'all to pay us back for a long time."


  1. Oh thank you for sharing this. Katt Williams is so wonderful anyways. But to read his words about Obama winning... it makes me cry tears of joy. Tell Katt I said I'm one of those white people and he's welcome for my vote. And tell him I said thank you guys for our new president. You mark my words, he will be known as the greatest president in history and probably for many presidents to follow. Even greater than Lincoln, FDR, Kennedy, and LBJ? Yes, he will be far better than any of them.

  2. You're welcome Lollie and much thanks to Mandy Stadmiller for presenting it for/to us.

    I hope you enjoyed the trip thru and do hope you'll be able to find something to post on again in the future.


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