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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Katt Williams Needs The Supporters Prayers

In a statement to Punchline Magazine and many online resources, Katt's Publicist has issued the following statement:

Punchline Magazine's post - Yesterday, we reported that comedian Katt Williams had been hospitalized to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. See story here. Williams’ publicist just released the following statement to Punchline Magazine.

Following an arduous 300 shows and an 18-month touring schedule that left him incredibly fatigued, Katt felt compelled to be with his family in an effort to deal with his stress. While doing so, he is under a doctor’s care.

As this is a private and personal matter, we hope the media will respect his family’s request for privacy.

Yvette Shearer
Shearer Public Relations

Let's continue to pray for all those affected by this situation, especially Mr. Katt Williams, his family, his management team and others close to them.


  1. I could see how he could be exhausted. The show that I worked on was grueling to me and that was just one part of the leg of his tour. I wish him the best.

  2. Thank you for stopping by and taking time to post. I can only hope that whatever your experience was while working on set was that which you can reflect on, now, in a beneficially positive manner. I was in attendance of the DC but I did not know this was the date that would be on the DVD. I thought it was the prior visit as this is what was reported in promo releases.

    I'm glad to have been there when all said and done. I'm appreciative in another manner too but that's for good eyes to see while watching this release. SMILES!!

    Have a greater day!!

  3. Thanks for the info when you posted on my blog . I will repost the information in my main blog so that people will know.
    Once again
    Thank you


  4. And I thank you Kmass for taking time to read and act, as you have!! Feel free to drop back in at anytime.



  5. You can count on our support of Katt Williams, Lady Di! If there is anything we can do to help, please ask.

    Thank you for visiting thejobagroup.org

  6. Curtis & The Joba Group,

    thanks a whole lot for stopping by and offering to lend support. I'll be in touch!!


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