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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hand/Line Dances

I think Ms JJ spiritually tapped me on the shoulder as I checked in on her and she's blogging away today as well. I recently attended a Les Gemmes Inc. affair aptly named Denim & Diamonds. It was a very lovely evening event with the dress ranging from Cowboys/girls to decked out denim laced with floral and sparkly artwork and/or applique. Welcome, intros, food, prizes and then... line dancing. Of course the Ballroom stuff kicked in as the attendees ranged in age from 30 to well above. And could people DANCE. It was no stopping them but I'm sure the next day they ached. (laughs) Sweat a pouring but fun having was all it was about. Still wiggly from my Aunt Norma's All White Affair late this summer (celebrating the end of the summer and her husband's birthday), this affair also had folks line dancing - in the grass. Nice by the water looking over the dock while doing the ChaCha. Can you believe it?! So, here's a line dance website I found online.

The Video Page for Step In The Name of Life

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