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Friday, November 21, 2008

Dave Chapelle 'Inside the Actor's Studio'

For those who are not familiar with this AWESOME and brilliantly created show, sit back and be learned. I've been an avid follower of James Lipton's (host) interviews that it lead to a purchase of Jamie Foxx's appearance there. The only segment I own as his visit touched me just that much. Lipton is an educator and an avid SUPPORTER of all the guests he interviews for the students. If I recall correctly, the show has moved from a smaller college auditorium to Pace University with resounding visuals and audio acoustics to continue to further many listener's/viewer's, within the auditorium and televised, education on an actor and life itself.

In the wake of a certain permed haired, 5'5", hysterically funny, African American, father to 8, multi-talented man whose life has been blown up more times than all blimps this year... THIS YEAR... I present Dave Chapelle's visit to 'Inside the Actor's Studio. In order to be able to remotely comprehend and present what Katt Williams is going/has gone thru, I feel this is the best perception from someone IN the business and not those attempting to distort and report. Dave's situation is just that, DAVE's but... he says some things in this interview that ALL of us can relate to, no matter your income nor you career title. Be learned...

BTW - the next time you write about Katt and/or Dave or you see an article attempting to speak about either or both of them that does NOT include words directly FROM them, feel free to link back/reference/track back to this post.


  1. I remember watching this...and I remember all of the hoopla that resulted from Dave deciding to quit. *smh* All I can say is I'm wishing Katt the best with whatever the situation is.

  2. I truly share that last sentiment T. Michelle. As you may have seen, Katt's all over this Blag. Have loads of fun reading my hilarity whenever you stop back over!!


  3. I respect your point to a T,and your right about sources and all that. And it is true,NOT ONLY for comedians, but ANYBODY who goes through something, to not make your own story. I RESPECT THAT. NOW,can we make up??,lol

    God Bless

  4. You broke up with me Jervis and didn't even tell me till now? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!

    (laughs) All I wanted yoo to allow was for there to be another thought process into how perception is perceived, if that makes any sense. I used to stare at people when I was a child thinking I could stare out their thoughts. And sometimes those thoughts when brought to the lips were not very nice. :|

    Please peep through some other comments I've slammed down and drop some lines. I like reading and thinking about what others have to say. It's that Libra in me!! ;)

    Bless doll!!

  5. LOL,your coool, but I totally get what your purpose was, this posting taught me much. I took a good touch of your wisdom and humbleness, and I apologize, knowing that your older, I should've had more respect when I wrote that blog. But all is well, and I can depend on getting insight from Lady Di.


  6. Remember Jervis, you wrote from YOUR perspective, I just added mine. We both are right as your readers did not mind what you had to say as seen in their comments. It's all a matter one's understanding, mine being me attempting the equalist (<- wait, is that a REAL word or did I just make that ish up!?!??!) approach in life to life. It's just the Libra balance to try to see both sides that's all.

    I left a few more equalistic views you'll find over ->. Just me being me, pay me no attention Mr. Jervis. AHAHA!!


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