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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Carnegie Hall show must go on for Katt Williams after weapons bust


Updated Friday, November 7th 2008, 11:35 AM
Katt Williams Thursday night. Theodorakis/News

Katt Williams Thursday night.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? You post bail.

Hip-hop comic Katt Williams spent most of Thursday in jail on weapons charges, then raced uptown to a sold-out show after being arraigned and putting up $250,000 bond.

Williams, 37, was busted with a 10-person entourage in the wee hours Thursday after cops found the California comic's Mercedes bus and red Cadillac Escalade parked on Broadway near 28th St. The Cadillac was missing a license plate and a total of three guns were in plain sight inside the vehicles, cops said.

When Williams came out of a nearby building and told cops the vehicles were his, he was handcuffed and hauled in.

Nearly 18 hours later, Williams was being sprung at 100 Centre St., as his fans, who paid up to $93.50 per ticket, formed a line outside the W. 57th St. concert hall that stretched halfway around the block.

"I'm not worried," said Bella Sheryce of Uniondale, L.I.

Downtown, Williams, wearing baggy jeans and a satin shirt, posted the bond just as he was supposed to be going on stage. He spritzed himself with cologne and jumped into a black limo. Half an hour later, it screeched to a stop near the rear stage entrance on W. 56th St. and Williams, surrounded by bodyguards, jumped out and disappeared into the hall.

Dancing his way on to stage just over an hour late, Williams turned to the audience and apologized for running late.

"I'm not moving at my usual pace," he said. "I just got out of jail 35 minutes ago."

But he said the frantic trip uptown was for his fans, not his wallet: "I wasn't thinking about the money - maybe because they paid me in advance."


  1. SPERKS left this comment under this article in case it's somehow missed:

    "Let's talk FACTS - First of all, I was at this show last night. He was not an hour late considering there were two opening acts on before him. Everything ran smoothly from my perspective. The line did, indeed, stretch around the entire block, literally. Now what I can say is, Mr Williams is by no means the same comidian he was during the pi mp chronicles. He used to abuse the 'N' word, but for this show, it was clear that he was not himself. He has stated that he suffered a nervous break down earlier this year and in my opinion he is on his way to being the next Dave Chappelle, Martin Lawrence etc. He has lost some of his ***** & it was evident that he did not have a set routine for this show. It was a sad night for sure."

  2. E! Online comment:

    "Just was a customer for Katt's performance at the Taj in Atlantic City. Must say I was truly disappointed in the performance Katt displayed. Just as Eddie said above he was not at his usual best. I would say he did 15 mins of comedy the most. The other 40 mins was sorta like a therapy session related to his past week. I understand the personal problems he jus went through but you have paying customer's which expect a good product. Which was not the case this time round. I'm not going to knock him though as I heard straight from Katt, himself all the troubles he has been having as of late. I guess he just did not feel like going to work yesterday; as we all, have those days. Disappointing note though. Katt said that he will not be doing standup after 12/31/08 he said that he is retiring dead serious and he doesn't give a f***. Though his television shows will be starting come early 2009, Katt Williams said he is thru doing standup.Katt your still the man!!"

  3. A Foxwoods post:

    "I went to see Katt Williams last night at Foxwoods and it was a horrible show. He was introduced and came out to the new Young Jeezy song and started pacing around the stage. Then he went out on the floor and started talking about Obama winning the election and alluded to his arrest earlier this week. It was obvious that he was emotional. He wasn’t really making that much sense. He would start talking about one thing then before getting to his point start talking about something else. Chris Rock was there and he brought him on stage and was attempting to compliment him but still wasn’t making all that much sense. Then he said he was going to leave and come back out again so we should act like we hadn’t seen him. Um ok?? So he came out again, same music and stuff. He brought two of his kids out and mentioned a story about “some bitch I was fucking” giving him a car with his young son standing at his side. He spoke about his upbringing and running away at 13, but overall he was stuttering and not making sense and he kept running his hands through his hair like he had a nervous tick or something. Then he talked about facing an indictment on Monday when he goes before a grand jury and how scary that can be even for the hardest thug. He brought his staff on stage and basically said good bye to them and said he was out. Overall he was on stage for maybe 45 min and the show was not worth the $ at all. He hardly made any jokes and no one understood what he was saying. People were not happy at all."


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