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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Purple Doves Interviews - Unauthorized

Ok, they say this Purple Doves Interviews is Unauthorized. Can't be so as Mr I-went-thru-the-entire-net-and-removed-almost-everything-me did within the last 10 or so years, a couple times over. Each time he came, he did not come alone. He brought the "C & D" crew with him. For those who have no clue what that term means, I educate you on Cease and Desist, Wiki style. So, how is it this claimed "unauthorized" material is still around for purchase... today?? Hmmmmm........ 'Secret Squirrel Productions' as is 'Petal Productions' (he LOVES flowers) in the opening and closing credits???? The Purple Man has been a long, long, life long advocate of secrecy and spontaneity if you know his controlled workings. I would not be surprised is this was one of his many attempts to continue to hold on to the very essence of himself in an assumed manner.

I bet you can't name all his aliases?? Don't worry, neither can I. So... we have Oprah, Bryant Gumbel and Tavis Smiley, just to name a few on this and it is still being sold on the net's #1 multi-faceted retailer. No way, would any of these people allow that to happen without some severe ramifications of P was not behind this. Sinbad is on it and where has he been l-a-t-e-l-y should/would want a cut of the oooooooooooold interview with Mayte (the "Slave's" then wife), Larry Graham and Chaka Khan as well as The Mighty Purple Prince. For those reading who are clueless about the "slave" reference up there, ask and you shall be learned. I'm not old, you're just still "wet behind the ears". If you are a supporter NOT-TO-BE-CONFUSED-WITH-'FAN'-BECAUSE-PRINCE-IS-NOT-AN-ADVOCATE-OF-THE-WORD... then GET THE DVD as I said in the review on Amazon.com. Doesn't matter if you've seen every interview on it or not. GET IT before P pulls it off the net and you regret not purchasing it while you had Di's word to tell you so. :)

Just so you know, I started "supporting" him in 78/79 and Prince is my artist for LIFE as he's "unfuckwittable". A term I created years ago on .ORG ;D

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