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Monday, July 20, 2009

Still Enthused With G1

And here's why:

Google Releases Small System Software Update for the T-Mobile G1
BY: Ed Hardy, Brighthand.com Editor
PUBLISHED: 7/19/2009

Many T-Mobile G1 owners received an update to the system software on their smartphone this weekend. According to Google, Android Update 1.5 contains a "security fix", but no other details are available at this time.

Installing it is an easy and quick process, taking just a few minutes. It has no effect on the data installed on the G1.

Those who haven't had it pushed to their phones yet will have to be patient, as it will appear in the coming days.

One of Many
This small update is one of several in the pipeline, all more significant than this one.

Google is hard at work on Android 2.0 -- code-named Donut. This is expected to be released in relatively near future, and it will be at the heart of a number of smartphones released this fall.

The Android versions coming after that will be code-named Eclair and Flan. When they will be released is not yet known.

Original Article Found Here


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  2. And your thoughts about the G1 are, Kofi?????????? *laughs*


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