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Saturday, July 11, 2009

The DMV gets Sure with Al B!!

I received a tweet around 6AM yesterday letting me know Mr. Al B Sure! was in the DMV, the same day. Stunned... as I had JUST put a message under one of this twitpics requesting him to come here, I am HYPED!! Around 5 PM I head on over to Kemp Mill Music, an Ooooooold music source for the Iverson Mall area, and peep to see if he REALLY is going to be there. Knowledge of his appearance straight, I head into the Mall to see how different it looked since I left 26+ years ago. Wow, has it changed. Anyhow, after a shopping spree of Bubble Gum, I head on back to the store for a 6:30 guest appearance by one of my favorite men in R&B ever. 7:00 I put a tweet up wondering if they had got LOST. 7:30ish, in rolls in rolls Mr Sure and crew. A mini crowd is there but I was graced with the FIRST hug to which I near fainted. He is STILL ever gorgeous and gracious as I don't know what. You could feel the appreciation and the love.

He spoke about having re-done 'Lady in My Life" (originally done by MJ) and it being released the day before The Gloved One's untimely passing. Sadly, he never got to hear the tune. Al also vibed on where he's been, what he's been doing and what his next projects are. Looking very good at 6 feet tall and with his customary black shades, he greeted each and every person there. Gave time to talk TO them, sign anything they had while showing appreciation for vinyl & whole catalog owners and even a lady who had on a 15+ year old button. He was not about the "fan" thing as he said and he truly lived it. KMM people snuck their cameras in and posters to sign as well. I allowed all the people to go ahead of me while chatting with the 2 ladies who have his back entertained me with conversation. You can tell they too appreciate Al's supporters as they engaged in direct conversation too. I was glad to meet them and hope to keep in touch for whenever Al B comes back in the area.

So I look up and realize that I let stack #2 of the posters get away from me for Al to autograph. He looks me in the face and says "you don't need me to autograph a poster, you family now". I was floored. Sadly, he was due at club Love in DC and had to move on. I was tooo tired to even think about it as I'd been up since 4AM that morning. I thank him immensely for the time he took to come and bring 2 fabulous women with him as well. Hope he does not take so long to get back but... I do know how to find him and call him out... AGAIN!! *laughs* I did take a pic with him but I'm really shy about putting it or any other pics of me online. Terribly shy about that. Know this though... it was a awesome 2 hour visit that made my weekend. Much hugs to Terrance of KMM who kept me laughing, talking and walking while he worked. SMILES!!

More pics here


My CD is in route and I can't wait to get it. KMM has me anxious enough to stalk one Post Office person. *laughs* Get to Al's Official site and pick a copy as well.


  1. nothing like a live report from the street! lol. nice.

  2. What's Love talking about these days?

    I don't know much about DC nightlife anymore...

  3. You know about Club Love Kofi? I don't do DC if I can help it. I've been thru for a movie or two but no other "nightlife".

  4. Thanks Ms JJ for stopping by. I thought sure your post made it through. Oh well.

  5. I met him this past weekend and had a similar experience. He is sooooo nice! I picked up his new album when it came out, and I love it!


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