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Thursday, July 16, 2009

'Honey I'm Home' - Al B Sure!

In today's music, you'd be hard pressed to find a vocal artist of the R&B genre who's album you can play from start to finish with out skippage. Al B Sure's latest release does just that, for me. Although I am forever stuck on the last track, I can listen to each track and go back to days long gone. To purchase an album for my grown up self with no cursing and definitely no disrespecting is a true rarity. Also not found on this CD is the materialistic mentale, again another rarity. It's all about the romance, something very lost in the music scene today. I can see the videos off this album be moooshy, loving, warm, sensual, sexy and definitely HOT!!

I could not wait to hear the entire CD after hearing it in it's entirety while patiently waiting *cough* for Al to arrive at Kemp Mill Records on his DMV visit. (see prior post) I really wanted to tell Terrance (KMR employee) to turn the volume up... especially on my favorite track. Per his Official site, the new release went up to #16 but dropped to #49. People just have no clue what they are missing if they sleep on this album. Al said in an interview, "this is 'In Effect Mode' 2009 on steroids". Now Al, this is 'Honey I'm Home' what the music business has seriously been suffering from.

QMM put a comma in between the 2 M's. SMILES!!

I recommend picking the CD up from Hidden Beach.com as I used this service and they are QUICK with the SHIP. Plus I used a code ABSLOVE-REAL to get a discount too. Hope it still works.

Added thought... I told Al when I saw him that he was my QMM. Little did I know that the CD art work has the Q word in the siding of the case. (WINK)

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