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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

HTC's 'Dream' aka Google Phone aka G1 aka...

While visiting my Aunt (who WAS here in MD), I met the Activities Director Lisa who is very spritey, young and up with her knowledge on many things. She's very good with passing on the information just as she is with the elders in the Assisted Living facilities she's employed by. Thanks to her, I was referred to T-Mobile as a service to possibly think about. And here we are...

Now, even if the service from T-Mo sucks, the phone I'm playing with is AWESOME. It has made me have a whole new appreciation for iPhone. Ok, so I lied. JUST because iPhone is on AT&T makes the whole idea of owning one a long passed by thought. Now, don't get it misconstrued. I am aware that "unlocked" iPhones exist but at what cost? No phone on this globe is worth THAT much in terms of meeting my functional needs which are, in order:

A) I need to be able to hear it ring and out
B) I need to be able to hear in and out
C) I need to be able to text in and out
D) I need to be able to navigate to and fro

And there we have it. Now, if for some lovely reason it decides to cook me a meal, oh well... money MIGHT not be an option. But I'll be a monkey's... (well you get my point) if I am going to pay nearly a mortgage payment for the aforementioned A thru D needs to be met by a PHONE. Anyhow, the Google laced Android known as 'G1' makes me feel like I own Air Force One... sneakers or something. I've been out and not seen too many in the hands of browner skinned folks like myself. Yes, I pay attention to those things but it does not impact my decision if I REALLY want said item. It has turned heads as the "Google phone" with ooooohs and aaaaaaahhhh in tow. My nephew has one which peaked my interest back a few months when he was over for a visit.

So what makes this 'G1' so special you ask? It's onboard applications for one and for two - ?? it has crystal clear video viewing, awesome sounds, flush mounted front screen keypad controls, a smallish trackball (that does not have backlighting - booo), the 3 screen wallpaper, the animated menus and heaps of application options to install. A huge plus OVER iPhone is that the phone is not proprietary in apps. 'Market' has so much stuff for free and/or for fee, it's dizzying. I am treating this like a mini computer with download and installs to be later sometimes followed by download and uninstall. And yes, I am concerned about getting a virus, therefore I have installed protection for that. BACK VIRUS BACK I SAY!!!!!!!!!!

I do have a pro's and cons list started that I'll post here soon. The one HUGE downfall is there is ONE (1) plug for everything - 3.5mm headphones, Backup Battery Charger (get to this in next post), charging, etc. Ironically, as I post this NOW... the newer version of this phone is on pre-order ONLY today. My Touch is the slide out keyboardLESS update to this phone I rave about. See you soon with more gushing... Sad, I know.

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