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Saturday, July 25, 2009

"'BLACKSummers'night" DiGiPak

The LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG awaited album is here and not only is it music but video too. "Video?!?!" you question. Yes, not only is the CD and vinyl available for purchase but there's also a 'DiGiPak'. What is it you ask? It's a 2 CD pack which contains the actual 9 track CD as well as a DVD chocked with videos. It looks JUST like the original CD but is in a thicker packaging. There's a nice fat booklet in it that has some very dark artist photos in it which make him look chocolate when he truly isn't. I'm sure there's a whole music creative ploy for this but I don't like it. Anyhow, 'DiGiPaks' are not new but they are scarce. See BestBuy.com's advertisement of it here.

I've only skimmed through one video so far and it's coming off as a "making of..." type deal. I love Maxwell and this was a far better purchase for only two bucks more. Why? Because there's only NINE (9) songs on the entire CD. Rare for artist today as most of them try (and sometimes FAIL) to pull off music they think is great with 15 to 20 songs. I'd rather have NINE great songs of 9 than 2 to 5 of 15 tracks of ?!?!?!

So, if you picked up this DiGiPak or even Maxwell's newest release on CD, let me know. Want to read some thoughts about all things Maxwell. Let's go.

Added note - Somewhere around July 15th, 'BLACKsummers'night" ranked #1 on Billboard.com's Top 200. No easy feat in today's eclectic music world.


  1. i like the cd even though it's not groundbreaking or anything. it's standard 'well. but if you are a fan than this one will float your boat!

  2. True, what I like is that it's good for the long hiatus that took place. I actually like more than half the CD which I did not expect. I am not too keen on the voice changes but I guess he had to bring something different to capture AN appeal. I will listen to it more and definitely try to watch his DVD too - today. Ughhhhh ohhhhhhh


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