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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gear for the G1

As with any new phone purchased now, one stand out concern is what comes in the box with said phone as well as what's available for purchase. In the box with the G1 is a 3.5 mm mini buds headset with converter for the phone, a pouch (still in plastic), wall charger (of course), a 1 gig microSD memory card and a USB cord. I read that the MyTouch, next generation of the G1, is coming with a 4 gig card. Now you say 'well what else could you possibly want?". Well in today's gadget consumed world we've become, there's LOTS more. Batteries on these micro processors are atrocious if used for ANY THING other than talking. Here's where the "gear" shop comes in. I look around T-Mo and juuuuuuuuust so happen one day prior to a B1G1 sale ending, I land on some nifty items. There's Bluetooth headsets from the top manufacturers, combo wall/usb as well as car chargers, phone cases/covers/clips/pouches/jackets/shirts/ties/pants... oh wait... Then there's clear protectors for your (finger) touch screen which I quickly decide against. For the B1G1 to be equivalent, I need to pick 2 items of nearby pricing. So I pick Bluetooth headset and car charger for the win. YAY ME!!

You would think this was over and done right? NOOOPE. I get it all home and then start thinking about the battery lasting one day with all the things but talking I'm doing on it. Yes, I am training it to cook. So, what next...?? I am not sure how I stumbled upon the Backup Pocket Charger but I am in LURVE with it. Pssst - please don't tell G1, he might get jealous. So back to T-Mo I go with the Bluetooth headset for a even exchange as it turns out. Back home with BCP and charging it up commences. As with most now-a-days gadgets, this lil thing is chargeable with the USB cord or to the wall with the adapter that came with the phone. I'll post more on this later as well as add pics of what it looks like. Let me just say this, it's like having another battery but just a little bit larger. Charge it fully, take it and the phone out for double the battery life. A MUST HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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