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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pro's & Cons About The G1


Menu/sub-menus are WONDERFUL

Ease of use is great


MicroSD card is easy to retrieve (better than the Behold)

Control buttons on main face are comfortable and flush

On board system tutorial for the keyboard was brief and to the point. Keyboard only?? (That's it?!?!)


a little big and clunky but not so bad as I have the enV99000

backlighting on keyboard not bright enough (for me), esp on the right side in numbers are moreso Had Slate color front/ gray slide out keyboard, now have Black and it looks WAY better with black slide out keyboard that I never use.

TeleNav didn't work any better on this Works fine after newest update

No flash or user controls on camera

Track ball is too sensitive, actually annoying but am trying... and am succeeding. Starting to like it more now.

Pattern password for phone lock vs numeric is kinda strange NEAT!!

No font style nor size option

Battery life too short for such a powerful phone

Pros (cont'd)

Sound quality is sweet

Volume was loud enough for me music wise

Notifications (WICKED)

3 panel main screen display (WICKED)

Drag n Drop apps/icons/widgets (SWEET)

Neatness of icons

Flush operation buttons on front of phone

Near flush camera button & volume rocker

The included adapter for the proprietary headset

1 gig MicroSD included (no adapter - boo)

USB cord included

Short getting started booklet included

Downloadable user manual. (phone plus it's user manual IN the box - would have weighed a ton.

Android start-up a wee faster after Cupcake update.

Ugly android gone at start-up after Cupcake update

Shuts down FAST

Headset dual middle cord with adjuster. (NIIICE)

Cons (cont'd)

Volume a wee low with Plantronics Bluetooth headset

Back of phone has a weird feel that my Tendinitis does not like.

Keyboard you have to slide open to use. (since getting the Cupcake update, never use it... ever)

Bulky b/c of slide keyboard

Double confirmation for shut down

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