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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Katt's Out, T-Pain's In

Katt Williams, according to a few net sources, will no longer be hosting this years B.E.T. Hip Hop Awards. I'll let the articles do the talking. From B.E.T.'s LowKey P.O.V. Blog:

Break dancing…..T-Pain……Katt Williams…….New Host????????? Alright, so we're (Team BET.Com) in the production office constructing a strategy for the remainder of the Hip Hop Awards and we're notified there's been a minor alteration in the show. One of our superiors asks, "So you know what's going on with the show right?" Sporting a confused look, I replied, "No, I don't". They inform us what happened, but they also said it was deemed confidential, until we hear Stephen Hill's voice echo, "You want to know how the story goes?? Alright, I'll tell you"

Says Stephen Hill, "So we were all hanging out last night and Katt bets T-Pain couldn't beat him in a break dance battle. Not knowing T-Pain was an extremely DOPE break dancer, Katt thought it was an easy win. T-Pain said if I wins, I get to host the Hip Hop Awards."

Judging by this post, I'm guessing you've figured out what the outcome of the battle was. Make sure you check out the 2008 BET Hip Hop Awards, October 23 at 8pm on BET, Hosted by T-PAIN……HA!!!!

Quote of the Year

Says Katt Williams, "You can't win a break dancing contest and use a Vocoder"


Low "If this isn't the FUNNIEST thing I've heard in my 26 years of existence" Key

And from HipHop DX.com

T-Pain A 4am Replacement For Katt Williams As BET Host?
October 18th, 2008 | Author: Allen Jacobs

Industry sources told HipHopDX this evening that T-Pain has replaced Katt Williams of the host of the BET Hip Hop Awards. The decision was reportedly made in the early hours of this morning.

BET's blog includes a statement from Stephen Hill claiming that this decision stemmed from a contest. "So we were all hanging out last night and Katt bets T-Pain he couldn't beat him in a break dance battle. Not knowing T-Pain was an extremely DOPE break dancer, Katt thought it was an easy win. T-Pain said if I win, I get to host the Hip Hop Awards."

Sources that have asked to be anonymous have told HipHopDX otherwise, claiming that the host change may have come from a disagreement. Katt Williams was reportedly salaried over $50,000 for the hosting role, with scripted writers. Specific motives were not provided from the sources, but it was implied that Williams is disgruntled.

As the awards are still taping at time of press, Williams nor official BET have yet to release statements.

ANNNNNNNNNNND... B.E.T. Networks released a softer blow stating Katt is "unable to attend" via a Market Watch.com post about the show itself.

Will add more info. if any appears.

**UPDATE - HipHopDX.com and FlyPaperBlog.com have posted, in part, that KW was arrested by the FEDS, seemingly, early Saturday morning.

**UPDATE #2 - seems the most believable story yet is becoming just that - believable. Sources are stating that Katt and BET production personnel had an out that left Mr Williams just that - out. The arrest has been debunked and the break dance story has become all but a BET joke not seen on Comic View. Oh well, the show will still air on Thursday with T-Pain as host as the Katt laced banners have been removed from BET.com. T-Pain was asked and stated he did not know what went on. All he knew he was called in at 4 AM. He's also boasting that he would not need to work from a script. “You don’t need a script when you’re an original like me, baby".


**UPDATE #3 (10/21/08) - Necole Bitchie.com had this on her site:

"I’m hearing the real reason he pulled out was because of a disagreement he had with the production director of the show. The weirdness of it all was hearing him on the radio later that night thanking BET for such a great weekend but I later found out that the show was pre-recorded two days beforehand..

Edited to say: What are the odds of me running into Katt Williams last night at the Bowling Alley!!! Here is how the conversation went:

Necole: Hey Katt! What happened to you at the awards? They are saying you lost a bet to T-Pain

Katt: (gives me the “b*tch please” look) If anyone believes I’d bet my child support money on a break dancing contest with T-Pain, they must be stupid enough to think that I hangout with T-Pain

Necole: hmmm Ok, well here’s another one. I’m hearing you got arrested Saturday morning

Katt: (gives me the “do you really believe that?” look before he rolls his eyes then sips his drink)

I ended the conversation there…"

UPDATE # 4 - Another B.E.T version

October 18, 2008

T-Pain New Host For Hip Hop Awards

T-Pain takes over hosting duties for BET Hip Hop Awards

Nile Ivey, BET.com Staff

Posted October 18, 2008- Breaking News: Katt Williams puts his hosting duties on the line in a break dancing competition against T-Pain…and loses!

Katt Williams was all set to host his 3rd consecutive BET Hip Hop Awards this weekend in Atlanta – until he bet T-Pain for those duties in a break dancing competition and lost. The change happened less than 12 hours before the taping of the show at the Atlanta Civic Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

“It was crazy”, says Stephen Hill, BET EVP, Entertainment and one of the show’s Executive Producers. “We were all out at the club Friday night; T-Pain, Katt Williams, an Emmanual Lewis impersonator and me, fluids flowing, music all loud. Suddenly Pain, having bought us some drinks, challenged Katt to a break dancing battle. I’d seen Katt get down before so I was ready to put all my money on Mr. Williams. His pop-lock is legendary. Pain was like ‘Nah...Not money. I wanna host the show. The 2008 BET Hip-Hop Awards. Like, tomorrow.’ Katt and I looked at each other. EASY win for Mr. Williams, we thought. If Katt won, Pain would have to un-lock his hair and put it in a press-curl. Both agreed and the battle was on."

Pain said of his victory, “I am SO glad to be the host of the BET Hip-Hop Awards. It’s an honor I intend to make the most of. Folks have underestimated me for years. In rapping, in singing…and now in break dancing! Katt is my man and way more nimble than I am. But I relied on something that is dependable, has gotten me through the worst of times and has been paramount to my success.”

Although gracious in defeat, Williams thought Pain had an unfair advantage. "I’ve had a great time hosting the show for the last two years. I’ve been integral to establishing the show amongst all awards shows…and was looking forward to hosting this year. I never thought I T-Pain would win a breakdancing battle with me. And I gotta say, I think it was a bit unfair for him to use the vocoder to give him the advantage even in a DANCE battle.!!!"

Aside from hosting this year's festivites, Pain is also up for four awards including, Track of the Year, Best Hip Hop Video, Best Hip Hop Collabo and Ringtone of the Year.

For more details on T-Pain taking over hosting duties at this years 2008 BET Hip Hop Awards, head over to LowKey’s Hip Hop Awards, POV Blog!

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