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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I survived my birthday, thank you GOD!!

Of course you can tell this as I am making a post, eh? It was a beautiful eventful (widens eyes) day. I was all over the place that day and have managed to continue to be blessed to keep it movin'. I've always been eating some pretty good food with desserts added in. Still looking for the customary celebratory drink... (HELP) Sooooooooo... since then I've been to the Ebony Fashion Fair Show in Washington, D.C. on Sunday (Oct. 12, 08). It was a rocky start and after geting bumped backwards, I still was blessed to be in the house at all. Vance & Vince (see post below) were the Masters of Ceremony and stayed for a couple hours. I managed to get a few photos that turned out pretty good. Then, to my dismay, the battery was not full enough to initialize my new CD for the camera. Ugggggggggggggggh. I left the other battery in the charger. So I missed some nice shots of beautiful outfits. Oh well.... I was glad that Maryland was represented with not only a person from Clinton, MD (my stomping grounds) but one from Waldorf, MD as well. Waldorf is right down the road - RIGHT!!!!

Nothing else has been up that I really can get into but me working as best I can. With the economic structure the way it is, I am frigtened for the people in and around my income level and below. Where are we going in these trying times?? I don't GOD even knows!?!?! It's so confusing but it feels like the makings of a Great Depression of 2008. Now the next part of the situation is that we have a person of color coming in the midst of all of this inbetween being a human being... period... despite his color. If a white person doesn't survive this mess if in office, then it would be ok. But a person of color - I beleive - will wear this forver as will our race. Sad as it may seem, this is the very real of it iin America. I feel for all people of color now because I believe we will have to live up to expectations way beyond the boundaries set.

Pray for Global Peace, pray for me and you!!

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