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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Desktops & Laptops, Ya Gotta Love'em

All of a sudden you're typing and your cursor ends up on another line. WTF?? Or you are like me, a look-at-the-keys-to-type person and have typed a whole line - WRONG. So geeky as I am, not just some broke (not to be confused with being cheap) female who happens to be a Jackie-of-all-trades-and-then-none, I try some searched up solutions. I add a couple of my own well thought out problem solvers in there too. One was to remove Microsoft's Wireless Intelli-Mouse software I had installed for the optical mouse I no longer use. Where is it? Clueless... I just thought it was a nifty gadget to have to look cool with, you know. Anyhow, then I installed Synaptic's latest (Dec 07) touchpad driver software according to the OS I have. Whallah... just saved my self a bunch of money and a trip to Best Buy... I hope. So far as I type, the cursor seems to know where to keep it's tail.

So, if you're reading this and my solution helps you... that'll be $49.99 cash, money order or western union. All fees associated with payment are yours as well. (laughs hard and rolls out...)

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