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Monday, August 17, 2009

Michael Delorenzo's All OVER The Net... Now

Years ago, meeting Michael Delorenzo of such classic era TV shows as the infamous 'NY Undercover' and Showtime's 'Resurrection Blvd', was not a pretty picture. People around the net stated he was difficult, hot headed and very, very private. I took that as just chat and found out for myself, it was a half truth. He is shy if anything but difficult is the wrong choice of words, at least today. He's probably unsure of how to deal with "fans"/supporters and therefore is very reluctant to be totally out there, at least I thought so. Understandable after seeing him in Baltimore many years ago for his NY Undercover promotional stop. I think I took one too many photos which lead him to ask his dreadlocked bodyguard "why does she need so many pictures"??. I did not have the site in mind much less on the net at the time. I just loved his work moreso than the man himself. And this still carries on till this day. Anyway, the pics are on my site dedicated to his work which by the way I put up a year or so after that Baltimore Car Show he attended.

Another man who has aged handsomely, Delorenzo seems to have become more net techy than he lead me to believe. Here it is 2009 and the once truly reclusive to the net veteran actor has finally launched his own website... again... finally. *laughs* There was a time when my site was the only thing going on besides NeeCee's info on her NYUndercover fan site. Delo's been "coming soon" with that website back to the NY U days. With out further ado, please head over to MichaelDelorenzo.com. While you're at it, you might want to check his MySpace, Facebook and IMDb.com net sources as well. Is that enough Delo for you in one net life?

1 comment:

  1. Hmmm. He keeps a pretty low profile these days. As for his personal side, I wonder why he's never been married...


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