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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Adolfo Quinones - Fabulous @ Fifty+

Ms JJ linked a video featuring "Shabba-Doo" & "Boogaloo Shrimp" which then lead me to where Shabba-Doo is... NOW. The man was born Adolfo Quinones and every girl I know my age LOVED HIM!! I had a crush on everything light and bright back in the day and he was in the top 10. Watching him move was electric, no pun intended. Born May 11, per sites on the net, he has really aged gracefully like another of his time... Taimak. Quinones has a grand website to which I wonder how up-to-date it is and how his business is doing. I know from the video snippets there, he looked fabulous. Soul Train dancer, The Lockers, and of course a pioneer in the Break Dance revolution - Aldofo IS his story and history. His portfolio will live on longer than those who tried to imitate him that's for sure. Darren Hensen, of Soul Food, is one of his students in "lock" and look where his career has taken off to.

Here's a video clip (from his site) of Dick Van Dyke attempting to become a "Locker"

Also, in my digging around I found this 2008 interview on The Black Hollywood File's Blog which I hope you'll enjoy.

BTW - I still want a pic of him from back in the day. A BIG one!!

Added note - that interview was all I needed to know and more. She covered a lot of ground having said so little. Thank you for that one lady. And how could I ever forget to mention that the duo came to Maryland, Baltimore specifically on one of their tours yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaars ago. Yes, I was RIGHT there but the pics are in storage. If I ever get that album out, will post.


  1. Adolpho, Shabba Doo, is attractive and is a very electrifying dancer. However the gleam/sparkle has left his eyes. May he continue to be blessed and have a long and prosperous Life!

    From a loyal and long time fan, it would be an honor to meet him. He resembles one of brothers a lot and reminds me of my brother.

    Lady Rivera

  2. Thank you for dropping in Lady Rivera. Maybe time and family has lead his "sparkle" in another direction that those affected can see. Hope another article interest you and I'll see you again!!

  3. Hey Lady Di!
    Nice write up on Shabba Doo! Its good to see he is still active in the community of dance and etc. He's very talented and its so good to read up on the legends of the past!

  4. Again, thank you for dropping in Toni. I did not have much to work with but I really enjoyed the interview I linked. Glad you linked me on FB. (wink)


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