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Friday, May 29, 2009

Reply to Ms JJ

And you know I just HAVE to add my .31 cents...

*Will the Cavs give LeBron his Pippen? Clearly, they need one more clutch player. <- who? seriously, who??

*Are you surprised they canceled Without A Trace? Ma was floored. <- I watched one ep and never looked back. Ok, I did look back at a FEW and then looked forward to never look back again. *chuckles*

*Okay, who found Slumdog Millionaire uplifting? The last scene maybe but the rest of it was kinda depressing. I guess true love can conquer all...I guess. <- now that my fav resident online diva of Blogging has seen it and review it, guess I'll finally go with ahead and do the damn movie. *laughs*

*Who still watches My Name Is Earl? Not many, it got the boot, too. <- who?? Really... WHO??

*Why did it take 9 hours to drive from StL back to Columbus? I know why -- family car trips just work out that way sometimes. < - that's insane but... I did a MD to NC and back trip w/mine w/out choking the LS out of anyone. Oh, they did tie my hands down now didn't they? Grrrrrrr...

*Why can't I not watch Man v. Food? He is killing himself and yet I can't turn away. <- I read about it and that was all that amounted to.

*WHY AM I SO GLAD THE NEW MAXWELL IS DROPPING???? Because it's been eight years between cd's. DAMN. <-YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. His tweets are funny as...... He's still cute minus ALL THAT HAIR... you agree Ms JJ??

*Okay, but why are the concert tickets for Maxwell like a million dollars? They need to come down, for real. <- O K??? I mean....

*What did you want to be when you grew up? Are you close? <- I just wanted to GROW UP. My childhood was horribly rough so I could not imagine breathing much less BEING.

*Will somebody ever shut up Rush Limbaugh? I mean, really. <- as Caribbeans would say "WHEEL & COME AGAIN" which means "rewind"... in essence

*Where is Ted Witcher of Love Jones? I've asked before -- show yourself! <- stares blankly as she doesn't know... who??

*Um...where did Van Hunt's last project Popular go? Like, release it Blue Note! <- *sneaks off to Google to see WHO, comes back and shouts* OHHHHHHHH YEAAAAAAAAAH *laughs*

*Are you going to watch TNT's Raising the Bar? You should -- it's good. <- I don't do commercial tv. Tried to sit with Mother to ya know... blend... build a BETTER relationship... help her ease thru pain... and uhmmmm Twitter has less commercials & sounds effects *sighs*

*Why do I watch The King of Queens every day? Because it's funny, duh! <- see above response for reply to this

*Why is working for a living like a slice of hell? In my next life: Independently Wealthy Line! <- At least I know someone else out there shares the sentiment and agrees on the last line there.

*Who are you listening to these days? I can't stray from Jill Scott, Maxwell, Incubus, Radiohead and a few other staples. <- I've been listening to my friend Dubz music (no shame in my plus, I MEAN... sharing game)- http://www.robertdubwise.com/

*Why do I kinda like the new Black Eyed Peas
song? Yes, that is hell freezing over. But it defrosts because I turn when what's her face starts singing. <- I really can't get into the he voice in any of their music. No why's that?!?!?!

*Do I miss blogging non-stop about how off track our political system is? Hell no. I like having this part on cruise control. I stand by my vote! <- I love your "cruise control" as we get to see a lighter side of YOU!!

*Will the Cardinals keep winning? If they stay healthy. <- WHO?

*Will the Cubs keep losing? God willing. <- WHO? As you can tell by the WHO's, I'm not into sports.

*Will you watch Jada Pinkett's show on TNT? I will. Why not? < - probably not. Commercials will probably cut up the best content, per usual

*If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be? Um...see the independently wealthy line from above. <-I dunno... if I change one thing, I think I'll do more harm than good. Out of the harm came good, ya know!! ;)

*How excited are you that Entourage will be on soon? I miss my summer fix. <- WHAT??

*Will you watch True Blood if Lafayette is dead? No. <- WHAT?? WHO??

*What's your favorite color? Hhmmm...Black. <- damn color text nah work in here. Grrrrr.... PURPLE. But everyone of the entire globe knows that, ya know.

*Who do you love? just.judith. <- see, you had to go add my fav video to make this sooooooooooooooooo difficult. *laughs* In all seriousness, if I made a list... well this Blog would extend over to mine and back. You knw how much distance that amounts to.

LUV YOU MS JJ!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. It looks like you have been kicking it a lot on Twitter.

  2. Twitter has been fun when certain people are on. Otherwise it's kinda boring actually. But yes, I have been on it madly reading the inspiring tweets by Rev Run, yes of Run DMC... J Brady & Tweeght.


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