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Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Blog Looks BLEaK!!

It's not that I haven't had anything to say, it's not time to type it. Offline has been kinda hectic as I try to spread myself all over online too. *laughs* As for Twitter, it's still fun but kinda boring too. MySpace is really boring and Facebook only looks a wee better because of Mafia Wars there. At any rate, I'm holding things down as best I can. Been to see 'Next Day Air', the movie, which was BORING. The screening had about 100 people I would say. Was in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland @ the Majestic. The seats were good and comfy which made me a lil sleepy. But who attends a film screening after a tedious day @ work?? Hey, I won a free invite and you know I can't pass up FREE.

So, I also received Katt's DVD - The Pimp Legacy (the short name) and I actually enjoyed it. Now just because it starts off in DC and he goes over to Iverson Mall which people who live in the DMV don't go to... but... I had fun with the behind-the-scenes footage. I like stuff like that and you only get it as "extras" on normal DVD's as you know. So a whole DVD of him in various settings outside of the stage, I enjoyed it loads. There's footage of him filming with Lyfe Jennings on the set of 'Hypothetically', a brief performance stint with Lil Kim, a club scene that includes Hammer, Cedric and some other celebs, plus other celeb moments that include Comedian Adele, Rapper E40, Basketballer Alonzo Mourning, (brief) Benny Blanko bit - which makes this very good for the Katt Kollection. It's a 2005ish home made product which does not have jokes you don't already know if you're an avid fan/supporter. Now... here's why you should run get it like right NOW. Steve Harvey introduces Katt during a Miami Club appearance. (GASSSSSSSSSSSSSPPPPPPPPPPPPPP) Yes, the people who put this DVD out put THAT in too and it makes you wonder WHY?? After the New Years Eve event, I don't think that will EVVVVAAAAAAAH happen again. But, who knows. So I'd pick this up if I were you. Go on over to Amazon and get it NOW!!

What else... oh Prentis is still hanging true after a) only 2 people sent him Bday wishes and b) no one sent him presents nor his Mom the drink she requested. *laughs* I picked up some purple Capris thanks to a link to join Dots.com mailing list. Coupon was for $10 bills and so were the pants. YAY ME!! I managed to get some more freebies but they're gone now. Did some community service and a couple good deeds to help someone else. Missed Vince's visit to the area as his twin Vance was in ICU last week. Serious health scare which seems to be a lot better now. Yes, Doctors get ill too.

Well, I think I've said enough. If you have anything to add, jump right in.

Till next time we Blog again.


  1. Bleak?

    Downtown Silver Spring has come up a lot.

    I remember when nothing went on down there.

    These were the days even before City Place.

  2. It's so bad no one noticed that misspelled title. Not even me. smh

    As for downtown SS, I hadn't frequented it when I was here before, first time ever. Been AROUND it but not in Downtown at all. Was a nice walk thru and a good day weather wise to boot. I'm sure I'll get back as they still do some screenings over there. Just none popped up that I wanted to see or bad timing.

    Nice to see you Kofi!!


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