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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Katt Speaks... FINALLY

Thanks to The Humor Mill for what looks to be several parts of a very INTERESTING video interview.


  1. It blows my mind that Steve Harvey HATES so much on Katt Williams. Success is success. There's more than enough room for everyone.
    Katt Williams can run circles around Steve Harvey. I still don't want him to retire from comedy. I love Katt Williams!!

  2. Well Lady, I believe that Katt's not done with us seeing him at all. I, too, will miss the "stand-up" part of his career as I'd only seen him live once. His routines seen on BET, HBO and Comedy Central will surely be missed but... as deep as his portfolio is, I believe we have more of the man to see than we realize. He's an actor, he wants to be a rapper and he has his own production studio as well as a clothes line that has spawned an accessories venture as well.

    Katt is NOT the one dimensional person people have been and/or are categorizing him as. He has a depth of genius that hiding and very people see it because they only look to the surface. The Humor Mill representative who interviewed him, going on this video and the magazine thus far, missed ample opportunity to tap into the many aspects of Micah and not just Katt Williams. What is far sadder, is that the posts around the net have Katt turning down million of $$'s with Comedy Central and retiring 100% from everything. I think I'll just stick to reading and letting Katt Williams future work speak for itself.

  3. Added scoop, THM checks in and answers me back - "The interview was captured last week and the final part of the interview will be out shortly."


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