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Thursday, February 12, 2009

'American Violet' Exclusive Trailer Link

Black Voices has manage to get their hands on not only an exclusive trailer but photos as well to the film soon-to-be released to theaters. The film stars Alfre Wooodard, Charles Dutton and Actor/Rapper/TV personality Alvin 'Xzibit' Joiner. Go here for more details on the film that will arrive to theaters in April.


  1. What is your connection to Xzibit?

    What do you drive?

    Do you need him to pimp your ride?

  2. Other than being one of the top posters and moderators on his Official Fan/Supporter Forum, nothing. (Laughs) He knows who I am as we converse online. He's very warm and personable, so it seems.

    I'll just say I wish I had my Acrua TL back in some respects. It was a GOD gas guzzler but it was GOLD in color, so fitting. In my dreams, I drive a Toyota Supra or a Testarossa.

    Actually, if I asked him to "pimp my ride", he'd probably slap me. He LOATHES being asked that question. He was only the host for most of the show's run and managed to be added as executive producer for whatever that meant for a few eps/seasons.

    Check this video out from the Grammy's now that you've mentioned it.


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